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Q&A: What Microsoft's Legal Ops Director Has Learned From 10+ Years of Using ALSPs | Legaltech News
Corporate Counsel: What have you learned from your initial working relationships with ALSPs?
Tom Orrison: Make sure you really do partner with your alternative legal service provider. Make sure you bring them in, educate them about your business, let them know what you care about and paint a very clear picture of what success looks like. Then monitor and track that.

CC: How do you monitor that?

TO: We typically have technology to track individual items. We track service-level agreements, types of requests. And we have key performance indicators that we try to meet every month.

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If things aren’t going well, we have an early line of sight, so we can address those issues and course correct. We have very open and honest discussions about how to fix it. We try not to frame those problems as, “Hey provider, do better.” It’s more, ‘What’s the problem? And can we do something to help?”

CC: Are there still some challenges when it comes to in-house counsel using ALSPs?

TO: I’ve worked with attorneys for my entire professional career, over 20 years. They’re trained to be risk-averse.

Make sure they’re comfortable that what you’re doing is relatively low-risk compared to other legal work. If you can get them in a position where they understand that there are higher-value tasks they could be focused on if we took some of the tasks off their plate, that helps.

Make sure you pull the attorneys in, that they understand what is going on with continual status reports, updates, that they get to meet the team. Those things do help smooth things out and make them work better.
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