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RT Mind-Boggling Photos of Istanbul Cityscapes. This is my second Big Love city after New York.
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january 2016 by mvlprovider
As We Mean to Go On [by shimotsuki], PG-13
As Ista leads her traveling court into Jokona with the first wave of Chalionese troops, she must decide how to go about filling her new roles. Several of them.
chalion  hetfic  canon!pairing(s)  Ista  Illvin  Cazaril  Palli  *futurefic  *love!fic  *moveintogether  °shimotsuki 
february 2013 by mayachain
Homecoming [by ScottWashburn], PG
Liss and Foix are to be wed. Liss fears the reception she and Foix will receive when they return to her home village. But when they get there they discover a danger far worse than anything they ever expected
chalion  Liss  Foix  Ista  *futurefic  *de-angst  *divineinterference  °scottwashburn 
february 2013 by mayachain
A clear glass window, at a sea dawn by Anonymous - Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
[Oh, this is a subtle story. It's an examination of Umegat, with all the care and eloquence he deserves.]

They were received with ceremony at Sedonova, given a wing of the slightly down-at-heels citadel, and dismissed, like schoolchildren, to begin negotiations on the morrow. Umegat asked and received permission to go out into the city. He had had to buy new clothes for this journey, out of a generous sum dy Cazaril had given him for the purpose, noncommittal dun-browns, dove-grays; he had not owned anything for a long time but cream-and-white. It was close to the Father’s Day, and in his gray cloak he must have looked pious: men nodded to him soberly, and made the brief, wholly unsensual gesture about their genitals. For so long he had been stared at for being a foreigner and yet in royal company, and now he was being stared at for looking ordinary but keeping foreign company. Where there is corrective symmetry, there is the Bastard’s touch, writes Ordol.
fanfic  ChalionSaga  Umegat  Ista  yuletide  a.anon  flocked 
december 2011 by joyfulseeker

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