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חוזים עתידיים ואופציות | פורום הסולידית
משום שאין שום קשר בין המס המגולם במדד היחוס (NTR) לבין הנחתה של החוזים ביחס לTR (שנגזרת מההפרש בין הריבית המגולמת בחוזים לבין הריבית חסרת הסיכון בפועל).
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june 2017 by yevgenyd
Netanyahu’s old friend becomes Trump’s new ally
Lauder and Netanyahu have had no relationship whatsoever since the airing of Channel 10's "Bibi Tours" investigative report in March 2011. Since Lauder was then the biggest stockholder and controlling interest in the channel, Netanyahu's people placed enormous pressure on him to keep the report off the air. They were concerned about its serious allegations surrounding the Netanyahu family's activities, including Netanyahu’s ties with various billionaires and the way his international travel and other indulgences were funded. Some of those claims are, in fact, at the center of an ongoing police investigation. When Lauder failed to prevent the report from being aired, he was shunned and exiled from Netanyahu's inner circle, a situation that persists today. He went from being a favorite confidante to a pariah. Steven Schneier, an American who divides his time between New York and Jerusalem, oversaw the relationship between Lauder and Netanyahu for years. He tried to arrange a reconciliation between the two men, but all of his efforts were in vain.
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may 2017 by sampenrose
Mode: Der Pullover kommt bald aus dem Drucker
Das Besondere: Kornit hat sich auf Pigmentdruckverfahren spezialisiert. Dieses ermögliche, sagt Sprecher Lüdtke, nicht nur verschiedene Muster, Bilder oder Designs zu verwenden, sondern mit einer Maschine auch verschiedene Stoffe zu bedrucken, zudem verbrauche das kleinbusgroße Gerät kaum Wasser. Das ist attraktiv für Online-Druckereien mit hohem Automatisierungsgrad wie „Flyeralarm“. Die Firma aus Würzburg hat den Drucker, der auf der Messe gezeigt wurde, für rund 450.000 Euro gekauft, dazu noch eine kleinere Maschine von Kornit zum Bedrucken von T-Shirts.
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january 2017 by snearch
The history man: how Saul Friedländer told his own story

But when he began working on Nazi anti-Semitism in the early 1960s, little had been written on it, and it was not regarded as an entirely respectable subject either in West Germany or in Israel. Where Memory Leads offers a close-to-the-ground view of the debates, scholarly and less scholarly, that erupted in both countries from the Auschwitz trials of 1963-65 to the so-called Historians’ Battle of the late 1980s. It is a powerful reminder of just how much intellectual labour was required in West Germany to get the country to where it is today, the most historically self-aware democracy in the world. But engaging with Nazism was no simple matter for Israeli historians either, especially after 1967. The founders of the new state wanted to turn their back on a European past of victimhood and celebrate the virile heroes of the war of independence. They did at first not take kindly to Friedländer’s insistence that this too was part of the country’s past, and it took time before the political elite became as comfortable as it is today invoking the memory of the Holocaust.
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november 2016 by aries1988
How Opponents of U.K. Labour Leader Corbyn Advanced a Political Coup With Antisemitism Smears | Alternet
"Far from the gaze of the mainstream British media, a researcher named Jamie Stern-Weiner has conducted perhaps the most thorough investigation into the claims of an “antisemitism problem” within Labour. Stern-Weiner found that out of 400,000 party members, perhaps a dozen had been suspended for supposedly antisemitic remarks.

Surveying the individual cases, he discovered that many, if not most, of the offending comments related to Israel and Israeli policy, not Jews per se. Stern-Weiner went on to demonstrate that Guido Fawkes, the right-wing gossip blogger responsible for a substantial number of the antisemitism outrages that erupted in the British media, had doctored passages from Labour members’ social media postings to make them appear more offensive than they actually were.

“The chasm between this proffered evidence and the sweeping condemnations which have appeared in the press…is truly vast,” Stern-Weiner concluded. “Even were all the above charges true, what would it prove? The social media postings of a handful of mostly junior party members have no necessary representative significance, and plainly do not demonstrate widespread antisemitism.”"
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may 2016 by ssam

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