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Trump, Bibi, and myths of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process - Slate
The other myth that I’m attacking is what’s become a kind of a conventional wisdom among analysts, which is to describe the situation as a one-state reality. I don’t really have a problem with that description, but then people go further and to say, “And it’s all headed toward one state inevitably.” If you take a step back, I think a lot of that sentiment comes from a place of frustration, but not real historical scrutiny. Because they’re frustrated with Netanyahu, who appears to just want to keep the status quo in place, people feel things are just deteriorating. If an alien comes down and looks at these two populations, do they look like they’re living more in two separate entities or the same one? There’s no question that, from ’67 until ’87, it was a one-state reality in a much stronger sense than we have today.

OK. There are two pillars of this conventional wisdom that it’s inevitably headed toward one state. One is about the population growth in the settlements. The second is that the country is becoming more right wing. That also is not exactly right. Yes, the Likud party is very strong. Yes, the settler lobby has more or less taken over Likud out of all proportion to their actual demographic weight. But at the same time, objectively, Israelis as a whole, their positions are moving steadily toward the decades-old international consensus around two states and dividing Jerusalem and so forth. It was not so long ago, it was in the late ’90s that the Israeli Labor Party opposed Palestinian statehood. Now, the Likud prime minister is endorsing it publicly. Of course, it’s cynical, et cetera, et cetera, but there is something real there.
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RT : May God Bless and Protect Israel Thank you Mr President
For tryingto Keep Israel
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