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The FCC Has Made the Same Mistake for Text Messaging That It Did for Net Neutrality
Almost exactly a year ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to strip net neutrality protections from the Internet and reclassify Internet Service Providers as an “information service” rather than a “common carrier” telecommunications one. This year, the FCC has voted to classify...
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13 hours ago by joeybaker
Comcast rejected by small town—residents vote for municipal fiber instead
Comcast offered to wire up Charlemont, Mass. for $462,000—town said, “no.”
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yesterday by joeybaker
AT&T/Verizon lobby misunderstands arrow of time, makes impossible claim | Ars Technica
USTelecom claims the 2018 net neutrality repeal boosted investment in 2017.
The telecom industry lobby group that represents AT&T and Verizon has consistently claimed that net neutrality rules hurt broadband investment. Yet the same lobby group has released data showing that fiber deployment grew significantly while net neutrality rules were in effect.
Even more surprising: the lobby group, USTelecom, also recently claimed that an increase in broadband network investment that happened before the net neutrality repeal was somehow caused by the repeal that hadn't yet taken effect.
USTelecom released a new analysis last week, saying that, "from the end of 2015 to mid-2017, US fiber deployment grew from 21 percent to 29 percent of homes and competitive availability of wired broadband at 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload [speeds] increased from 31 percent to 55 percent." Fixed wireless deployment has also helped expand broadband access, USTelecom wrote.
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7 days ago by rgl7194
INEX IXP Manager
Notes on the Peering Matrix

bilat: 863.5, multilat: 3486
Clicking the AS number in the table header will isolate that column. Clicking individual cells in the body will freeze the dynamic highlighting.
Where a member is not listed on this peering matrix, it is because they are currently not actively peering at , or because they have opted out of presenting their peering information in this database.
This peering matrix is based on sflow traffic accounting data from the peering LANs and route server BGP peerings.
This peering matrix only detects if there is bidirectional TCP flow between routers at . It cannot detect whether there are actually prefixes swapped between routers.
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7 days ago by micktwomey
From $1.50 To $10 Per Month: How Comcast's Bogus Fees Are False Advertising
For several years now cable and broadband providers have been using hidden fees to covertly jack up their advertised rates. These fees, which utilize a rotating crop of bullshit names, help these companies falsely advertise one rate, then sock the...
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14 days ago by joeybaker
Comcast raises cable TV bills again—even if you’re under contract
Broadcast TV fee goes from $8 to $10, sports fee rises from $6.50 to $8.25.
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16 days ago by joeybaker
La solution la moins chère pour l’Internet à la maison
Ultra-fast high speed Internet (max. download 250 Mbps; upload 150 Mbps)
✓ Unlimited data
✓ No minimum contract duration
✓ Router box included
✓ CHF 39/month
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24 days ago by schmlblk

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