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Received a Piracy Warning From Your ISP? Here's What to Do - TorrentFreak
Large numbers of Internet subscribers, mainly in the United States, have been taking to the Internet in recent months worried about piracy warnings sent to them by their ISPs. Despite much discussion of these online, questions continue to be asked. So, what should users do when they receive these scary emails?
Millions of Internet subscribers use their connections to download and share copyright-infringing content. It’s been going on for almost two decades already and shows no sign of stopping.
For the vast majority of users, this kind of activity has no consequences. People grab the latest movies or TV shows, for example, and then hear no more. For many, this means they simply carry on, oblivious to the fact that their unauthorized transfers are probably being monitored by someone, somewhere.
In the majority of cases, this monitoring is simply for research purposes but increasingly, as content companies seek to reduce copyright infringement, further action might be the next step. That usually means that ISPs are contacted, with a request for them to tell their customers to stop pirating content.
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10 days ago by rgl7194
Chinese police get power to inspect internet service providers
"China has issued a new regulation setting out wide-ranging police powers to inspect internet service providers and users, as the government tightens its grip on the country’s heavily restricted cyberspace. Under the new rule, effective from November 1, central and local public security authorities can enter the premises of all companies and entities that provide internet services and look up and copy information considered relevant to cybersecurity. The regulation was issued by the Ministry of Public Security last month and released on its website on Sunday...Apart from on-site inspections, the police can now also conduct remote detection of any network security vulnerabilities in the companies, but they are required to give them advance notice and make sure it will not disrupt or damage the operations of their networks. The regulation details what the police will be checking for, a list that includes: whether companies have kept a record of all user register information and their internet logs; if they have taken measures to prevent viruses and hacking; if they have taken precautionary measures against information that is banned from publication or transmission; and if they have provided technical support and assistance to the police in safeguarding national security, investigating terrorist activities or other crimes."
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10 days ago by dmcdev
Starry Internet Service — Happy Interneting.
This seems to be a new ISP that gives you 200Mbps Internet for only $50 a month. They don't currently service my house, and I don't know if they are any good, so I should do some research.
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21 days ago by darkwater
This new tech makes it harder for ISPs to spy on you
Web companies and browser makers are rolling out encryption that can obscure the identity of many–though not yet all–of the websites you visit.
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23 days ago by mikael
US mobile video suffers from throttling - US ranked just 59th out of 69 countries analysed.
The United States lags behind dozens of other countries when it comes to the quality of streaming video available to mobile users.
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23 days ago by joeybaker

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