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Monotreme - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"There are two surviving families of monotremes, with five living species. They all live in Australia and New Guinea. People commonly know them as the platypus and the spiny anteaters. There is only one platypus that exists now, the duck-billed platypus." - Monotreme - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Why the Azores are Europe's secret islands of adventure – Lonely Planet
With whale watching, diving, hiking and host of other adventure sports on offer, the Azores are a great destination for adrenaline junkies.
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Inicio - Periodismo de Barrio
Organización periodística sin fines de lucro ubicada en Cuba.
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Cuba’s emerging media: challenges, threats and opportunities | International Journalists' Network
From 2001 to 2017, fourteen media organizations were launched in Cuba that are already having impact on and off the island. Most of their teams have fewer than a dozen journalists, and many of them are volunteers. All these media sites have reporters working from Havana, but 50 percent have offices or newsrooms in foreign cities, such as Miami, Mexico City and Valencia, Spain.
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Beyond Yoani Sánchez: 4 Cuban bloggers to know | International Journalists' Network
Yoani Sánchez may be Cuba’s best known blogger, and she's got the recognition to prove it. She's received the Ortega y Gasset Prize for Journalism, the World Press Freedom Hero Award, the Maria Moors Cabot Prize and a host of “most influential” nods from international magazines.
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Perhaps you would like to own your own Falkland Island, complete with penguins
“Malgrat la platja de còdols de quatre milles, no es tracta de cap paradís tropical. El clima s'assembla més aviat al de Gal·les, o potser al nord d'Oregon: molta, molta pluja, intercalada amb plugim, boira i aiguats ocasionals.” La notícia subratlla els set-cents milions de lliures que es va gastar el Regne Unit en la <a href="">guerra de les Malvines</a>. Jo destacaria més aviat els nou-cents morts. La primera com a tragèdia, la segona com a farsa. Ara, els agents de la propietat immobiliària no saben com posar preu a aquesta illa on pasturen ovelles llaneres. El rebesavi del propietari actual la va comprar l'any 1869, juntament amb altres illes, per quatre-centes lliures, i no tenen un historial de transaccions similars recents amb què comparar.
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Am Ende der Welt – das sind die fünf abgelegensten Inseln
Das Ende der Welt fühlt sich für jeden Menschen anders an. Aber es gibt einige Inseln auf der Welt, die selbst Abenteurer nur ganz, ganz beschwerlich erreichen können.
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