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St Helena Independent
Newspaper from remote British territory
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Fishing for prosperity by United Nations Development Programme - Exposure
Charles Livingstone is a father of seven kids. He’s the president of the Pygmy community in Idjwi, a land of green hills surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Kivu in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He’s one of many on the island fighting for survival with modest means.

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Machair Coast, Bike-Rafting the Outer Hebrides -
> A bike-rafting circumnavigation of Scotland’s weird, wonderful and windswept outlying islands. White sand beaches, wildflower meadows and Norse heritage make this route a challenging but unique way to explore Europe’s north-western corner.
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Why You Need An Island In The Kitchen
Installing an island is the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen.
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Lord of the WASPs | VQR Online
don’t forget an island can also be in a lake don’t forget lake islands -@chillsitch
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