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“Lock her up!”

“Send her back!”

Why is is always a “her”?

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21 hours ago by coty
“The way that the media reports on Islam and Muslims plays a role in

Most UK news coverage of Musli…
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9 days ago by pinatasenpai
Is there a growing far-right threat online? - BBC News
"Neo-Nazi ideology does not attract the masses in Austria anymore. So it made sense to modernise their appearance, to modernise the language and to some extent to also modernise their ideas.

"They have replaced terms that have been considered historically stained by newer terms that are more appealing to a broader public. For example they don't speak of mass deportation - they speak of 're-migration'. They say, 'we're not racist, we're ethnopluralist.'"
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10 days ago by petej
Bill 21 hearings: ‘We were very naive’ about impact of report, Charles Taylor says | Montreal Gazette
In a frank exchange between the respected philosopher and Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette Tuesday evening, Taylor conceded he and his colleague Gérard Bouchard were wrong to propose restrictions on symbols for a small group of authority figures.

Instead of acting as a bulwark to appease people clamouring for more restrictions, the ban for some authority figures was used as a trampoline for people to ask for more, and he regrets that deeply, Taylor told a committee studying Bill 21 Tuesday.

“We were very naive,” Taylor said. “The very fact we were talking about this kind of a plan started to stimulate hate incidents, not just in Quebec but all over.

“Just talking about these kinds of policies caused enormous harm to our society. You can’t imagine the division, the sense of alienation that this causes for vulnerable minorities.

The CAQ has responded to Taylor’s vocal opposition by trying to discredit the 85-year-old professor by highlighting the fact he flip-flopped on the idea of a ban.

On Tuesday, Taylor did not fall into Jolin-Barrette’s trap, firing back that Bill 21 “runs completely against the spirit” of his initial report.

Instead of encouraging integration of minorities, it “dashes the career aspirations” of many Quebecers who want to become teachers and police officers. The word Muslim does not appear in the bill but it certainly feeds anti-Islamic feelings on all kinds of social media, he said.
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22 days ago by ayamnotkambing
My piece in the Guardian today on the rising tide of within the EU but we must fight this from within…
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4 weeks ago by tolkien
Shocked by the rise of the right? Then you weren’t paying attention
This is not some new virus; it’s a susceptibility to a chronic illness that has crippled us for years. Ethnic and racial plurality and migration as a lived experience are older than any nation state, but equality is a relatively new idea, and some don’t like it. People forget how recently African Americans couldn’t vote, and that Winston Churchill told his cabinet “Keep England White” was a good campaign slogan.

Racism was the wedge the enemies of cosmopolitanism and plurality used to prise open a broader cleavage that is dividing us all.

It’s not clear this lesson has been learned. Most, but by no means all, remain devotees I have encountered are far more fluent in the language of race accusation (pointing out the bigotry of the Brexiters) than in the anti-racist activism that would put a racially diverse and plural Britain at the heart of their worldview. Some would be happy if we went back to the way we were before we voted to leave. But that would mean returning to a place where two-thirds of ethnic minority people faced racial abuse. No wonder these second referendum marches are so white.

These rivers run deep – winding through empire, imperialism, caste, settlement, colonialism, white supremacy and beyond. That’s not all these countries are. Wherever there is bigotry you will find an impressive tradition opposing it and a potential audience willing to be weaned off it.

Attempts to triangulate with weasel words about the “legitimate concerns” of “traditional voters” are dishonest. Concerns about high class sizes and over-stretched welfare services are obviously legitimate; blaming ethnic minorities for them is obviously not. Facilitating a conflation of the two and hoping no one will notice is spineless. It also doesn’t work. Those who dedicate their lives to racism are better at it, and will never be satisfied. Pandering does not steal their thunder – it gives them legitimacy.

There is precious little value in pointing out, once every four or five years, that racism is a problem if you are not advocating an agenda in the intervening time that posits anti-racism as a solution. In the words of the great white hope of Conservative electoral strategy, Australian Lynton Crosby: “You can’t fatten the pig on market day.” You can’t go around producing anti-immigration mugs, pathologising Muslims and demonising asylum seekers for a decade and then expect a warm a reception for open borders in the few months before a referendum.
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7 weeks ago by owenblacker

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