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Женщины Иран до исламской революции. Хомейни называл университеты «центрами разврата», а хомейнисты призывали покончить с «врагами Бога». Из высших учебных заведений были изгнаны 20 000 студентов и 2 000 преподавателей. Началась борьба с «преклонением против Запада», на главные посты в СМИ были расставлены «стопроцентные мусульмане». Были запрещены: демонстрация иностранных фильмов, хранение и продажа видеокассет, иностранных кинолент с развлекательными программами. Для контроля над средствами массовой информации было образовано Бюро по борьбе с непристойностями. «Культурная революция» коснулась также начальных и средних школ. Главными предметами в них стали учение ислама (в его шиитском варианте), Коран и шариат, а в старших классах — фикх (теория мусульманского права). Большое внимание в начальных и средних школах стало уделяться военному делу. Началось переиздание всех школьных учебников по гуманитарным предметам.

Культ Хомейни стал господствовать в учебниках по гуманитарным предметам. Первые страницы учебника по литературе для 6-го класса были отданы революционной тематике и песням, обязательно с прославлением личности Хомейни: «О Хомейни! Ты — отражение света Бога!». В одной песне говорилось о Хомейни как о спасителе угнетенных народов, в другой — о наказаниях, которые ждут предателя-шаха и Америку. Имя великого поэта Фирдоуси, писавшего о доисламском Иране, запрещено было даже произносить. Вся доисламская цивилизация Ирана была объявлена «несуществующей». По личному указанию аятоллы Монтазери было разрешено принуждать к сожительству женщин, обвиненных в борьбе против режима, поскольку по мусульманским законам они считаются военнопленными и рассматриваются как добыча «правоверных» мусульман.
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3 days ago by some_hren
Ex-IB chief: Just 108 of 180m Indian Muslims joined IS
Former Intelligence Bureau director Syed Asif Ibrahim on Friday said only 108 Indian Muslims had joined Islamic State, which is a miniscule portion of the country’s 180 million Muslims, and sought to attribute... “As a result of the Sufistic and non-Salafi nature of Islam in India as well as the existence of a strong and vibrant democracy, only about 108 Indian Muslims joined ISIS which is 0.000058% of India’s 180 million Muslims. Of these 108, 50% of joinees went from the diaspora in West Asia...the ones exposed to Salafi radicals. 40% went from the coastal region in India, which was the recipient of Shafaiyei Islam, which came via the sea,” Noting that Indian heritage of Islam as it evolved in early 12th century had come via land route, the former IB chief who has also been special envoy of the government of India for counter-terrorism said it confronted advanced civilisations like Persia and picked up culture and custom, “from which Indian Islam developed its syncretic and inclusive nature”.
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8 days ago by thomas.kochi
Islam and World History: The Ventures of Marshall Hodgson, Burke, Mankin
"Published in 1974, Marshall Hodgson’s The Venture of Islam was a watershed moment in the study of Islam. By locating the history of Islamic societies in a global perspective, Hodgson challenged the orientalist paradigms that had stunted the development of Islamic studies and provided an alternative approach to world history. Edited by Edmund Burke III and Robert Mankin, Islam and World History explores the complexity of Hodgson’s thought, the daring of his ideas, and the global context of his world historical insights into, among other themes, Islam and world history, gender in Islam, and the problem of Muslim universality.
"In our post-9/11 world, Hodgson’s historical vision and moral engagement have never been more relevant. A towering achievement, Islam and World History will prove to be the definitive statement on Hodgson’s relevance in the twenty-first century and will introduce his influential work to a new generation of readers."

--- Hodgson is magnificent, and this might be good.
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8 days ago by cshalizi
The Vanishing
In the summer of 2014, the Islamic State occupied Christian cities and villages across northern Iraq, appropriated Christian homes, and destroyed farms of Christian families. When Islamic State commanders separated men from women and imposed jizyah, or extortion taxes, their purpose was extreme: they meant to subjugate the Christians or drive them away from the land. Mar Mattai is some twenty miles from Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, where more than one hundred thousand Christians were displaced from their homes. One of the children led me to a wall at the edge of the monastery and pointed below to the brown, dusty tracts of fields that lie at the edge of a region once known as Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers. From above, I saw how exposed the road to Mosul was.
The Christians here have endured invasions by Persians, Kurds, and Turks, but they have recovered after each persecution. This is, in part, their tradition: they believe in their sacred right to their land. Mosul is part of the Assyrian triangle, recorded in the Book of Genesis, and the plains of Nineveh—where the Hebrew prophet Jonah is said to have preached after he was spat out by a giant fish in the eighth century bc—are situated on the outskirts of Mosul on the east bank of the Tigris River.
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8 days ago by seatrout
At last persecuted Christians have a defender
According to the 2018 World Watch List compiled by the charity Open Doors, about 215 million Christians are experiencing significant levels of persecution. North Korea tops the list of oppressors, followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Nigeria, Syria, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkmenistan and Laos. With the exception of India, where attacks on Christians almost doubled over the previous four years, most of the steepest increases in persecution took place in Islamic nations.
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12 days ago by seatrout
Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories
In the UK, people who supported Brexit were considerably more likely to give credence to conspiracy theories than those who opposed it, with 71% of leave voters believing at least one theory compared with 49% of remain voters.
Almost half (47%) of leave voters believed the government had deliberately concealed the truth about how many immigrants live in the UK, versus 14% of remain voters. A striking 31% of leave voters believed that Muslim immigration was part of a wider plot to make Muslims the majority in Britain, a conspiracy theory that originated in French far-right circles that was known as the “great replacement”. The comparable figure for remain voters was 6%.
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13 days ago by seatrout
"-- syntyi -- idea “lännen” & “'ilaisen maailman” välisestä konfliktista. Aydin kiteyttää, kuinka idea “musli…
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