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AP Exclusive: Uighurs fighting in Syria take aim at China
Instead, an older Uighur would convene young fighters in the evenings to discuss history and politics. They looked to an improbable model for building an independent homeland: Israel and the Zionist movement.
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5 days ago by yorksranter
Facebook accused of introducing extremists to one another through 'suggested friends' feature
Even more concerning was the response his fellow researcher, Robert Postings, got when he clicked on several non-extremist news pages about an Islamist uprising in the Philippines.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to tackle terrorist material on the site
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to tackle terrorist material on the site Credit: Reuters

Within hours he had been inundated with friend suggestions for dozens of extremists based in that region.
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6 days ago by yorksranter
Study: Russian Support Gave Assad Half of Syria - VOA
The analysis by IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Center (JTIC) also found that just 14 percent of the strikes were against the Islamic State group.
Mar15  Russia  ISIS  statistics 
8 days ago by elizrael
RT : The movie portrays sensational scenes from real atrocities with a backdrop showing the Syrian desert and famo…
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11 days ago by LibrariesVal
Preservation or Plunder? The ISIS Files and a History of Heritage Removal in Iraq
On the controversy over the New York Times removing thousands of ISIS documents from Iraq. Makes some very interesting points.
Middle_East  ISIS  culture  cultural_heritage 
11 days ago by micahrobbins
Islamic State Ruling on Jaysh Khalid Fitna: Translation and Analysis :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
This document is also significant as the first documentary proof of ties between the Islamic State and Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed.
ISIS  Daraa  Mar15  Judiciary 
17 days ago by elizrael
I wonder how you can assume killing 99% of content while claiming you can't identify 100% of it?
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21 days ago by Pheelmore

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