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"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got" Series | InformIT
Some really good advice on programming, but as the piece is split up into many articles, I’m paraphrasing the main points below:

Erick Buck: write less code - The best line of code is the line that you never have to write.

Obie Fernandez: take a moment to understand the error message in the stack trace before changing anything in your code. (not doing that has bitten me often!)

Danny Kalev: Read high-quality material to learn new techniques.

Eric Lippert: Become an expert on X by answering other people’s questions on X. Stackoverflow is a great avenue for this.

Russ Olsen: Disengage your ego from your code, beware the “Stay the hell out of other people’s code” mentality.

Rob Pike: Think before debugging. Build a mental model of the code and analyse it to deduce how the problem could happen.

Mark Summerfield: Refactoring to single-responsibility functions, and writing tests before adding the feature.

Bill Wagner: Make code usable before you make it reusable. Until it’s actually used, you don’t know whether it could be extended or reused.
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april 2017 by graham
The Return of the Barbarian
Barbarians versus agrarian civilizations and the continuing cycle
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april 2017 by graham

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