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A ‘non-starter’: Varadkar and Coveney reject backstop treaty plan

The spokesperson said the dissident republican car bomb detonated in Derry on Saturday “should surely serve as a sober reminder of the past to [which] we do not want to return”.
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Brexit: May ‘wants Irish treaty’ to break backstop deadlock
nb, Ireland can't actually negotiate a bilateral trade agreement with any other country. that's part of the whole "EU" thing <_<
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Safety Deposit Boxes - Dublin, Ireland - Only Certified Vaults in Ireland with SDF
Safe Deposit Box rental in Dublin Ireland from less than €4 per week. Unlimited access and open 7 days a week in Dublin City Centre.
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Explore the Border
Discover all 208 Irish Border crossings, their history during the Troubles and what they look like today.
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Bridge of Buys: Poor puns on Rock’s lowest rung
Nostalgia for the bootleg music tape stalls on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin.
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The malign incompetence of the British ruling class • The New York Times
Pankaj Mishra:
<p>From David Cameron, who recklessly gambled his country’s future on a referendum in order to isolate some whingers in his Conservative party, to the opportunistic Boris Johnson, who jumped on the Brexit bandwagon to secure the prime ministerial chair once warmed by his role model Winston Churchill, and the top-hatted, theatrically retro Jacob Rees-Mogg, whose fund management company has set up an office within the European Union even as he vehemently scorns it, the British political class has offered to the world an astounding spectacle of mendacious, intellectually limited hustlers.

Even a columnist for The Economist, an organ of the British elite, now professes dismay over “Oxford chums” who coast through life on “bluff rather than expertise.” “Britain,” the magazine belatedly lamented last month, “is governed by a self-involved clique that rewards group membership above competence and self-confidence above expertise.” In Brexit, the British “chumocracy,” the column declared, “has finally met its Waterloo.”

It is actually more accurate, for those invoking British history, to say that partition — the British Empire’s ruinous exit strategy — has come home. In a grotesque irony, borders imposed in 1921 on Ireland, England’s first colony, have proved to be the biggest stumbling block for the English Brexiteers chasing imperial virility. Moreover, Britain itself faces the prospect of partition if Brexit, a primarily English demand, is achieved and Scottish nationalists renew their call for independence.

It is a measure of English Brexiteers’ political acumen that they were initially oblivious to the volatile Irish question and contemptuous of the Scottish one.</p>

Mishra is the author, most recently, of “Age of Anger: A History of the Present.” There's an undertone - or perhaps overtone - of utter rage in this piece which is echoed by many watching the incompetent buffoons shamble towards a trade cliff edge. (Boris Johnson suggested this week he knows more about the car industry than the head of British vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover.)
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
Pankaj Mishra wastes no time getting the boot into the ineptitude of the ruling-class Brexiteers. it's glorious
Politicians and journalists in Ireland are understandably aghast over the aggressive ignorance of English Brexiteers. Business people everywhere are outraged by their cavalier disregard for the economic consequences of new borders. But none of this would surprise anyone who knows of the unconscionable breeziness with which the British ruling class first drew lines through Asia and Africa and then doomed the people living across them to endless suffering.
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Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
“As partition comes home, threatening bloodshed in Ireland and secession in Scotland, and an unimaginable chaos of no-deal Brexit looms, ordinary British people stand to suffer from the untreatable exit wounds once inflicted by Britain’s bumbling chumocrats on millions of Asians and Africans. More ugly historical ironies may yet waylay Britain on its treacherous road to Brexit. But it is safe to say that a long-cossetted British ruling class has finally come to the end of itself as it was.”
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Ireland equivalent for Vanguard index funds : eupersonalfinance
Bear in mind the 41% tax rate. Invest through your pension plan first.


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Cap Gains is 33%, no?


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Only in OECD, non UCITS etfs. US etfs for example, but you cannot access these as a retail investor, for now at least.
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Some facts on immigration to Ireland
Handy to have to hand next time right-wing talking points emerge:
Let’s summarise:

Ireland has a relatively high level of non-citizens in its population. But this is down to the high level of UK citizens and citizens from other English-speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).
Ireland has significantly fewer non-citizens from outside the English-speaking world than high-income EU countries.
The proportion of non-citizens has remained stable over the last 10 years (i.e. there is no ‘surge’).
Non-citizens in Ireland are more integrated into the labour market than any other high-income EU country – that is, there is lower unemployment among non-citizens. So much for the ‘sponging-off-the-state’ argument.
We have had far fewer asylum-seekers and we grant asylum to far fewer than most other high-income EU countries.
The claims of the Far Right and their allies collapse when we look to reality. 
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5 days ago by jm

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