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The Best Dublin Travel Tips From Our Readers
Our Dublin readers were generous and friendly with their tips this week (so friendly that as New Yorkers, we’re worried we’re being conned). Several readers posted long guides with all kinds of suggestions; head to the original request post to read them all. We’ve collected the highlights below.
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16 hours ago by kger
Birds Ireland » On what you might say to your young birding self...
Picking off an old notebook, I can remember seeing my first Kingfisher as if it was just this morning. I can relive the day, the weather, the moment with such clarity that it surprises me. My old notebooks are filled with sketches and notes on my observations. They are filled with diary-like entries on foreign trips that allow me to remember flights missed, places seen, people met and birds experienced. I am so glad that spreadsheets didn’t exist when I started birding. I think the actual act of physically writing, of putting pen to paper, helps me to cement those memories into my mind. I believe those who simply process their sightings into spreadsheets may not relive their experiences in the same way.
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4 days ago by noodlepie
Dublin to Holyhead stormy Ferry crossing Irish Sea - YouTube
looking forward to a relaxing passage across the serene emerald waters of the Irish Sea 😅
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4 days ago by shadowspar
Ruby Wax | International Literature Festival Dublin
Date Wednesday, 23 May
Time 6:00PM
Venue O’Reilly Theatre - Belvedere College
Price €20 / €18
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5 days ago by jojobong

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