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A case study of urban division in Belfast, Northern Ireland
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23 hours ago by Z303
Local Property Tax: Change for better or worse? – The Irish Economy
Local Property Tax (LPT) was introduced in 2013 using valuations for May of that year as a base. The tax is due for re-basing on 2019 property values, and this is likely to produce a mixture of political opportunism and panic which may well lead to “reforms” which fundamentally undermine the tax.

Quite predictably, that reservoir of bad economic ideas (the Irish Times letters page) recently published a plea for a floor area-based tax. Also quite predictably, it was from that well-known deprived area, Dublin 6.

Some proposals for improving LPT. In a nutshell, slowly give more fiscal control to local government to give them more independence.
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yesterday by micktwomey
RT : Amazing capture of Fastnet Rock, Cork😍💚🇮🇪
📸by IG:shavnore 👏🏆✨
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4 days ago by penalba
history of ICTE and Ireland's evoting thing
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5 days ago by ebel
Sébastien sent you an invitation on LinkedIn
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