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Iraqis in Hezbollah: Interview :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Jan 9, 2019
Q: The Americans would speak a lot about 'blocking the land route' for the resistance axis, but in truth this issue is not very important for the resistance axis?

A: Of course, and it is well known that the resistance axis does not depend on the land route because praise be to God the resistance now possesses modern equipment and aircraft so this does not impede any movement for the resistance from the outset.

Q: Yes, so the air route is much more important than a land route.

A: Of course, the air route is secure and quick.
Iraq  Hizbollah  Mar15  GLOS 
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Partisan Bickering Over Iraq’s Cabinet - Carnegie, Feb 7, 2019
Although the Iraqi constitution dictates that the prime minister nominate all cabinet posts, Abdul-Mahdi has deferred to political factions and allocated posts on an ethno-sectarian basis. The parliamentary blocs agreed to allot the defense and education ministries to Sunnis, but intra-Sunni infighting is preventing his nominations for these posts from being approved. Similarly, intra-Kurdish disputes are holding up the confirmation for minister of justice. Even the Ministry of Migrants and Displacement was until December 24 held up by intra-Christian divisions, even though the 329-member parliament has only five Christian representatives. The most consequential division has been over the decision by Amiri’s Construction Bloc (Bina), a coalition dominated by Iran-aligned Shia Islamists, to nominate Falih al-Fayyad for minister of interior.
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Iraqi Refugees in North Aleppo Countryside: Interview :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Feb 17, 2019
We the people are content in the camp, from the aspect of the hospital, the aspect of food, the aspect of a place to sleep, the aspect of the location. As I told you yesterday, the suffering only among us is when you are separated from your family: your wife sleeps in a tent and you sleep in a tent. The big tent in width is around 10m, and in length around 25m-30m, taking in around 50 people: 50 people in every tent. The tent of men. The tent of women likewise the same.
Iraq  refugees  Aleppo  aid  Turkey 
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Job Seekers - Newest Jobs
NGOs jobs portal in Iraq and KRI.
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Undefeated, ISIS Is Back in Iraq | by Aziz Ahmad | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
With the government falling short of its responsibilities to Iraq’s millions of returning displaced people, and unwilling or unable to rein in Shia militia rule, ISIS is winning the war for hearts and minds. Amid the general economic misery, reconstruction efforts have been held up in areas seen as having supported ISIS. Over the last year, some 32,000 internally displaced people have left camps and gone back to their homes elsewhere in Iraq, but a similar number of newly displaced people and refugees have joined the multitudes already living in flimsy tents in the Kurdistan region. Baghdad has allocated to Mosul, home to a full tenth of the country’s population, just 1 percent of the federal budget reserved for provinces. Even clearing the untold number of unexploded bombs and abandoned munitions will be a generational struggle. An international expert who leads part of that effort told me that with the limited resources, it will take a full five years to clear the province.

Kurdistan Region Security Council intelligence also reveals that Iraqi government forces have returned to some of the practices that originally fed the ingrained sense of local grievances. In recent months, we have seen a surge in arrests using an anti-terrorism law widely perceived as unfairly targeting Sunnis. At checkpoints, and inside their homes, Sunni dignity is being violated in ways that provoke bitter resentment. In dawn raids by Iraqi security forces, soldiers slip hoods over the heads of detained civilians and bind their wrists tightly with plastic cuffs, treating them as presumed guilty. At sprawling prison camps, new arrivals find common ground with thousands picked up under this law since 2014, many detained indefinitely without trial and increasingly without hope of living to see any evidence laid against them. Back in the Sunni villages, ISIS exploits the new fertile ground to creep in at night, replenishing supplies and planting bombs by roadsides and checkpoints, with the tacit approval of resentful locals.
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In Iraq, Iran-affiliated militias that helped rout Islamic State wield growing clout - Los Angeles Times, Feb 13, 2019
Last month, according to local media reports quoting key politicians and others, the Fatah party persuaded the government to give the Hashd control of the Mutassem Co., one of the largest state-owned construction contractors in Iraq. The Hashd intends to use its fighters to pour cement, pave roads and repair homes as part of the effort to rebuild the country after so many years of war.

The Hashd’s rising profile has also worried many Iraqis, who say that the group is amassing a level of power that threatens to undermine the government and remains close with militias that were never absorbed by the military.

Parliamentarians and security personnel have accused the Hashd and its former militias — which have created so-called economic offices — of imposing levies on commerce, using their influence to grab real estate or charge protection money for safe passage.

“Their aim is to entrench their patronage and social influence by creating a network of social service entities to go with their militia,” said Thanassis Cambanis, a senior fellow at the New York-based Century Foundation think tank.
Hashd  Iraq  corruption  oil  Iran  patronage 
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אמ"ן: לאור לחץ הסנקציות ופרישת ארה"ב, איראן תשקול לשוב ולהעשיר אורניום - מדיני ביטחוני - הארץ
באמ"ן מזהים כוונה איראנית להרחיב את הפעילות של משמרות המהפכה בשטח עיראק, גם כמסלול השפעה חליפי, לנוכח בלימת המאמצים האיראניים להתבססות צבאית בסוריה עקב פעולות הסיכול הישראליות. האיראנים מבקשים לפרוס במערב עיראק מיליציות שיעיות, טילים לטווח בינוני ואמצעי לחימה שונים, שבאמצעותם ניתן יהיה לאיים על ישראל משם ובד בבד להבטיח את קיומו של "מסדרון יבשתי" להעברת אמצעי לחימה וכוחות משטח איראן לסוריה וללבנון.
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