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Computational-Essays/FallingBetter.ipynb at master · KarlHenrik/Computational-Essays
Nice.. "computational essays* from an undergrad(?!)...

Of course, you might argue notebook…
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5 weeks ago by psychemedia
Docker Swarm Local – Conversant Engineering
initialize the swarm on our new host, deploy stacks for Docker Registry, Traefik and more, push images to our private registry, and spin up a couple more nodes and register those with our swarm.
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february 2019 by psychemedia
GitHub - fastai/fastprogress: Simple and flexible progress bar for Jupyter Notebook and console
GitHub - fastai/fastprogress: Simple and flexible progress bar for Jupyter Notebook and console
ipynb  progressbar  tm358  from twitter_favs
december 2018 by psychemedia

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