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iPhone X + body trackers = MAGIC | iMore
What do you get when you cross an iPhone X with a body tracker? A whole lot of magic.
Less than 10 years ago, motion capture technology — the good stuff, I mean — cost an arm and a leg.
For a studio of use this tech to create characters on the big screen, bring life to video game characters, or anything in between, was ridiculously expensive, time consuming, and difficult.
Now it seems like those woes are a thing in the past after a tweet from Darshan Shankar, the founder of Big Screen VR, pointed out the amazing work being done by KNL Studio for their game Bebylon Battle Royale.
Just a couple years ago, achieving this fidelity of facial & body mocap would cost a studio millions of dollars
Today all you need are commodity body trackers and an iPhoneX (facial)
Amazing work @KNLstudio pic.twitter.com/JnYnjcaMSf
— Darshan Shankar (@DShankar) January 11, 2018
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Greg Maass' Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Greg Maass (@gmaass in the usual places), and I’m a software developer, musician, and father living in Seattle, Washington. I’ve developed enterprise software for hospitals and universities for the last 20 years, always on a Windows machine using the Microsoft stack.
What is your current setup?
A few years ago, I started getting into iOS development and bought a bottom of the line Mac Mini and plugged it into my existing keyboard and monitors to see how I liked the platform. I liked it, but the Mac Mini was too underpowered to do much, so I bought a top of the line Mac Mini with a Fusion Drive. I love it, and so far it has been serving me well without making me wish I had a more powerful machine. I have a Windows machine that I can switch to when needed (mostly for CD/DVD reading), but I rarely turn it on these days.
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RT : Me pregunto si dejar toda la mañana mi sobre este cargador inalámbrico de menos de 18€ recomendado por…
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iPhone X Charging Speeds Compared: The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Charge Your iPhone - Mac Rumors
With the addition of both fast charging and wireless charging to Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup, there are more ways than ever to charge your iPhone....
9 days ago by twleung
The Best Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Phones: Wirecutter Reviews | A New York Times Company
The best Qi wireless charger for most phones is the inexpensive Samsung Wireless Charging Pad EP-PG920, which charges quickly and includes an AC adapter.
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Daring Fireball: WebOS's Innovative Gesture-Based Navigation
If we’re going to talk about good ideas from Palm devices in the iPhone X, the mute switch is the least of them. The gesture-based navigation on iPhone X is a lot like that of WebOS on the 2008 Palm Pre — swipe left and right at the bottom to quickly switch between recent apps, swipe up from the bottom to access the card-based multitasking UI (replete with roundrect corners), pull down from the top right to access controls like Wi-Fi and airplane mode. Palm’s demise is probably the greatest tragedy in the industry of the iPhone era. The hardware wasn’t great, and the low-level software was too slow, but the design of WebOS was brilliant, and brilliant design is the most precious commodity in this industry.
Dieter Bohn (of course) wrote a longer look at the WebOS gestures in iOS 11 on iPhone X.
iphoneX  design  daring_fireball 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Daring Fireball: Phil Schiller Interview With Dan Grabham
Phil Schiller on the development of the iPhone X, in a wide-ranging interview with Dan Grabham for T3:
At the time, at the beginning, it seemed almost impossible. Not just almost. It seemed impossible. And to pull off what feels impossible and make it possible — and not only that, but just something we love using — is just a great achievement.
“Clearly there was a point in the process where we had to commit to the fact that it would be a full top-to-bottom screen on the front with no home button, which means you’re counting on Face ID working as we’d hope, and being as good.
That’s an exciting moment, when you have to sort of… the old saying: ‘Burn the boats. Leave the past behind, and commit.’ Knowing that the team was willing to make that gamble was a key point early enough in the process.
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How to Design for iPhone X (without an iPhone X) – Halide
Our camera app, Halide, was just weeks old when the first leaks of the iPhone X surfaced. We didn’t know what the device was called, let alone exactly how it would impact our user interface — but we nevertheless decided to start working on what a camera app for it could look like.
An early ‘leak’. We’re grateful the actual iPhone X didn’t have this ‘virtual home button’
Now, a month after the release of iPhone X, I want to show you how we designed and released an app redesigned for iPhone X, without ever even having held one.
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Daring Fireball: How to Design for iPhone X (Without an iPhone X)
Sebastiaan de With on how he (and developer partner Ben Sandofsky) designed the iPhone X version of Halide before they had an iPhone X. Halide is truly one of the very nicest apps I’ve ever seen. And I just love de With’s “world map of the iPhone X for your fingers” — and it’s fascinating to see how this “map” affected the layout of controls when Halide is running on the iPhone X.
photography  apps  iphoneX  design  ios11 
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iOS 11 X and iOS 11 Classic – MacStories
In his review of the iPhone X, John Gruber astutely points out that the device effectively runs a fork of iOS 11...
This is a great way to think about the evolution of iOS going forward. As I noted last month, the iPhone X will reshape the entire iOS ecosystem over the next few years. Consequently, it’ll also make it more challenging to review a new version of iOS, as we’ll have to account for deeply different variations of the same features.
iphoneX  ios11 
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iPhone X: A New Frontier – MacStories
For a radically redesigned iPhone launching on the tenth anniversary of the first model, it seems reasonable to lead a review of the device with a retrospective on the original iPhone and how, over the course of a decade, its vision matured into the iPhone X. But today, I want to begin with the iPhone 4.
In many ways, it was 2010’s redesigned iPhone 4 that turned the iPhone into the social, cultural, and economical phenomenon we all recognize in 2017. It was the first iPhone to be publicly leaked several weeks in advance, kicking off the modern era of Apple rumors and speculation on unreleased hardware. The iPhone 4 brought a substantial rear camera upgrade and, for the first time, a front-facing camera – features that would become instrumental to the redefinition of mobile photography for self expression, communication, and sharing through the rise of selfies, FaceTime video calling, and Instagram.
Perhaps most importantly, the iPhone 4, with its Retina display and bold new look, was a piece of modern industrial design that demanded to be held, used, and studied to be fully appreciated. Unlike its predecessor – the faster and forever endeared iPhone 3GS – the iPhone 4 felt like a marvel of pocket computing that couldn’t be possible a mere 12 months after the 3GS’ plastic body and low-resolution display. The iPhone 4 was an instant classic that leaped beyond anything we’d seen before at the time.
I understand why the original iPhone makes for an ideal starting point to discuss the iPhone X. The device’s anniversary and (debatable) nomenclature beg for a reflection on the past decade and how our lives have changed thanks to smartphones. But it’s not how I feel about the iPhone X.
Like the iPhone 4 did in 2010, the iPhone X follows a highly successful iPhone model and diverts from its established formula with a new design and features that will cause our habits to evolve. The iPhone X doesn’t just add to an existing model – it remixes and changes our expectations of what an iPhone should be altogether. I see more parallels between the iPhone 4 and iPhone X than, say, the original iPhone and the X: selfies becoming portraits, the advent of Retina and now OLED, and, yes, even being left in a bar and "being left" inside an unreleased firmware.
The iPhone X, like the iPhone 4, inaugurates a new direction, with effects that will inevitably ripple through the entire iPhone line. But beyond its striking, sensor-laden display and glass body, the iPhone X is a collection of major themes that will reshape the Apple ecosystem over the next decade.
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