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FaceID is brilliant because it's subtraction instead of addition • Daniel Miessler
<p>The goal for mobile device security shouldn’t be just making security better, but also making it less visible and explicit.

FaceID is an upgrade not just because it’s more accurate than TouchID, or because it’s a faster way to authenticate—it’s an upgrade because you are basically removing the authentication step entirely.

A great way to visualize this point is to imagine a similar handheld device from a superior alien race. Assuming they needed such an interface or display at all, they would simply handle their device normally and it would still allow them to perform sensitive actions.

To an unfamiliar observer it might seem like no authentication took place, like one could just pick up any device and start taking sensitive actions on their behalf. But in reality all of that functionality had just been removed from the workflow and done automatically. It’s security made invisible and effortless.

That’s what FaceID is, and why it represents such an improvement: it adds security while removing friction.</p>

This is absolutely right. But as he points out, if you add the convenience but lower security, you're taking the easy path which doesn't actually help the customer. (FaceID's claimed security is equivalent to a random six-digit passcode; some of the facial recognition systems out there are as secure as a two-digit code.)
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15 hours ago by charlesarthur
Designing for iPhone X | iMore
Sebastiaan de With, Linda Dong, Marc Edwards, and Brad Ellis talk "horns", aspect ratio, safe area, color space, OLED, HDR, and more!
Guests & Links
Sebastiaan de With: Twitter, Webite, Halide
Linda Dong: Twitter, Lyft
Marc Edwards: Twitter, Website, Bjango apps
Brad Ellis: Twitter, Website
Vector | Rene Ritchie: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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2 days ago by rgl7194
10 more words on iPhone X | iMore
Well, actually a few more than 10. Misleading headline. Sorry.
This isn't a review of the iPhone X; there's been plenty of those. I recommend you read Rene's.
I won't go into a long discussion of the geeky tech specs either. For the most part, the X and 8 series share all the same critical features, from the processors to the cameras (with the exception of added OIS on the iPhone X's "telephoto" lens; if you don't know what that means, it clearly doesn't matter to you).
So I'll start simply. The iPhone X is simply the best iPhone ever made. The iPhone X is the best smartphone you can buy today, and likely tomorrow. Apple is now a full generation ahead of their competitors when it comes to every metric. The amount of technology the X puts in your pocket would be unheard of in 2007. Frankly, it would have been unheard of in 2016.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
This is why iPhone X is Apple’s most important product | Computerworld
Research from SEMRush shows just how much people are interested in iPhone compared with other Apple products, plus which Apple product is likely to take off.
Have you ever wondered just how much interest there is in iPhone in comparison with Apple’s other products? Or wondered which of the company’s other products is likely to become a mass market hit next? These charts from SEMRush (based on search volume) will show you what you need to know:
Apple’s biggest product
On launch, Apple sold around 3 million iPhone X units in just 20 minutes. That works out to be around 150,000 phones per minute and 2,500 iPhone X sales per second. That’s by far the biggest product Apple — or anyone — has to sell right now.
That’s not to say people aren’t interested in Apple’s other products. They are really interested, as the below graph shows...
2 days ago by rgl7194
iPhone X, meet roller derby: Shooting sports photography with Apple's newest smartphone | iMore
Rene reviewed the iPhone X in our traditional style. My review methods were… a little more unorthodox.
was lacing up my skates to test the floor when the iPhone X hit Apple Store shelves. It's the first time my secret life as a skater for a top 10 roller derby team has directly interfered with my work at iMore — I had my husband pick up my iPhone X in Massachusetts and drive it down to Philadelphia, where I was skating in WFTDA's annual international championships.
I could have just called a mulligan on the weekend, tying it in with my honeymoon the next week, and left the iPhone X to hang out at the store for a few days longer. But what would be the fun in that?
Instead, I got media credentials to the event alongside my skater pass. The goal? Testing the iPhone X's true prowess as a camera for sports photography and videography, behind-the-scenes snaps, and many (many) ridiculous Portrait selfies.
sports  photography  iphoneX 
2 days ago by rgl7194
4K Cinematic Video Shot on the iPhone X Without Fancy Accessories
“Shot on smartphone” ads and sample photos/videos are often created with the help of expensive accessories that help achieve more than you can with just the phone — things like stabilizers and lenses. If you’d like to see what you can achieve without these add-ons, check out this 4K cinematic video by Matteo Bertoli.
Bertoli took the iPhone X on a work trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. During his free time, he shot some completely handheld video and edited it at night in his hotel room.
iphoneX  video  camera 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Review: Apple iPhone X | iLounge
Pros: Face ID is a game changer. New Super Retina OLED screen provides a whole new level of display quality. iPhone “Plus” dual-lens camera system in an iPhone 8-sized package. Wider aperture and OIS on 2X lens should provide better 2X photos. Front TrueDepth camera empowers Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for selfies as well as other advanced technologies. iPhone 8 Plus battery life in a smaller iPhone. Nice boost in screen real estate over standard-sized iPhones. Retains museum-quality design of the iPhone 8 models and takes it up a notch with the stainless steel frame. New gesture control scheme is fluid and intuitive.
Cons: The higher aspect ratio means the screen isn’t actually larger than the iPhone Plus models, despite the larger diagonal. The front TrueDepth camera notch and rear camera bump detract from an otherwise great aesthetic. Lack of Touch ID makes Apple Pay slightly less convenient. OLED screen may be subject to image retention and burn-in. Higher price and increased repair costs from prior iPhone models.
iphoneX  review 
2 days ago by rgl7194
How to take great Portrait Lighting selfies with iPhone X | iMore
This post offers some potentially handy tips for taking selfies on an iPhone X.
iphone  selfies  photography  iphonex  2017  imore 
2 days ago by handcoding
rdar://34292019: When testing auto-renewing subscriptions via TestFlight, iOS shouldn't incessantly prompt for the user's (sandbox) password
"When an app with auto-renewing subscriptions is distributed for testing via TestFlight, the user is prompted for their sandbox password multiple times when trying to purchase the subscription, then over and over again when launching the app and even when not using the app. This dissuades users from testing the app and subscriptions which is a huge issue since that's the whole point of TestFlight."
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2 days ago by handcoding

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