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Quite a Quote!: Graham and Dodd: Desirability of common stock
Quite a Quote!
“The notion that the desirability of a common stock was entirely independent of its price seems incredibly absurd. Yet the new-era theory [of 1927-1929] led directly to this thesis. If a public-utility stock was selling at 35 times its maximum recorded earnings, instead of 10 times its average earnings, which was the preboom standard, the conclusion to be drawn was not that the stock was now too high but merely that the standard of value had been raised. Instead of judging the market price by Read the full story
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Investor's Business Daily: Why Winning Stocks Are Already Strong Price Performers Before They Make Big Price Moves
Investor's Business Daily
Investors who focus on strong price performers are often looking at the highest-quality merchandise in the market. Read the full story
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The Motley Fool: The Best Value Stocks to Buy Today
The Motley Fool
Even in long bull markets, value never goes out of style. Read the full story
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AirPods and the Three Stages of Apple Criticism – ReThink Reviews – Medium
In this article, Savov does not say that any of his previous criticisms of AirPods were wrong, only that they were not enough to make AirPods the failure they deserve to be. The reason for this is that, in Savov’s words, “Apple knows its customers well” and “has a very good idea of what products its users want to use”. This is a veiled way of saying that Apple products are successful not because they are good products, but because Apple knows how to persuade their fanbase to buy them.

So who is this fanbase, and why are they so susceptible to Apple’s powerful marketing and overpriced products? If you listen to fans of Android, or if you read the comment section of any article about Apple, the descriptions of Apple users can mostly be summed up in these ways:

1. Apple users are so brainwashed by Apple’s marketing that they believe Apple products are better than they are, and will buy any Apple product regardless of price, capability, or quality.
2. Like religious zealots, Apple users are so loyal and worshipful of the Apple brand that they believe the company is infallible. They will never speak ill of Apple products, even if they don’t like them, or will convince themselves that the products are good when they aren’t.
3. Apple users are vain and status-conscious, so they rush to buy new Apple products for bragging rights and to broadcast their wealth (or the appearance of it).
4. Apple users are conformists, so they buy Apple products because they are popular and ubiquitous.
5. Apple users dislike freedom and choice, preferring that Apple limit their options and make or curate all of their decisions for them. They embrace being imprisoned within and limited to Apple’s ecosystem and “walled garden” approach.
6. Apple users do not understand what good technology is.
7. Apple users are tech simpletons, so they prefer Apple’s lack of options and the company’s simplified approach to software and user interface.
Put another way: Apple’s products are successful because Apple knows how to market their products to a fanbase of deeply flawed individuals who don’t know what’s good for them.

I really wish I was exaggerating, but these seven reasons are the main ways Apple critics attempt to explain why someone would choose to buy products critics believe are both overpriced and inferior to their competition. Because if you’ve already come to the conclusion that Apple products are overpriced and inferior, but hundreds of millions of people still buy them, the only conclusion must be that there is something seriously wrong with the people who buy them.
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CNBC: A 36-year-old who learned to invest like Warren Buffett explains his No. 1 rule
Danielle Town, author of "Invested," takes Warren Buffett's advice to heart — and to the bank. Read the full story
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CNBC: One of the best high-yield stocks, and one to avoid, according to this analyst
In the chase for more return with less risk, one market watcher went yield hunting on the S&P 500. Gina Sanchez, CEO of Chantico Global, found one worth a buy and another to avoid. Read the full story
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Freefly’s newest Movi stabilizer is made for the iPhone - The Verge
Freefly is a company that’s best known for making camera stabilization rigs typically used by professionals, or ambitious semi-pros. But the company is trying to change that with a new $299 handheld stabilization called the Movi that is supposed to help you step up your iPhone video game.
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Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show - Slashdot
Law enforcement agencies across the country have purchased GrayKey, a relatively cheap tool for bypassing the encryption on iPhones, while the FBI pushes again for encryption backdoors, Motherboard reported on Thursday. From the report:
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Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for Your Next Web Application - Progress
Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for Your Next Web Application
For many developers, the JavaScript ecosystem can feel like a bazaar, stuffed with libraries and frameworks that do anything and everything one could imagine. Making decisions in this hyper-dynamic landscape that you will have to stick to long term is hard. How do you choose a suitable JavaScript framework for your next project? Which one would be most reliable for the changes and challenges you anticipate? Download this whitepaper to learn about:
The current state of the Angular, React and Vue frameworks
Key considerations in making framework decisions
How the top JavaScript frameworks compare against a comprehensive list of criteria
Reasons for choosing one JavaScript framework over the other
Which criteria would you look at when comparing frontend frameworks? Author Brandon Satrom has drafted a well-informed list, from ecosystem considerations such as history, corporate support and community, to framework-specific considerations like the getting started experience, skill requirements and tooling available. For the enterprise software architect, there’s a section on factors that uniquely affect enterprises.
Brandon is the founder of Carrot Pants Press, a maker education and publishing company, the founder and CEO of Tangible Labs and an avid tinkerer.
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