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TripAdvisor: Exploring Monterey & Carmel: California's Perfectly Charming, Gorgeous Weekend Escapes
Boasting close marine life encounters, fresh seafood galore, and some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the United States, Monterey and Carmel are two gems of California’s rugged central coast that can easily be enjoyed in a weekend. Here’s how to make the most of a 2-day escape to this Pacific paradise. And the... Read the full story
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2 hours ago by ahasteve
$100 fake iPhone X
Detailed analysis of a cheap Chinese clone; runs Android, sloppy ~4 year old hardware. But cheap!
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6 hours ago by nelson
So nutzt man Bildschirmzeit (Screen Time) von iOS 12 – GIGA
Bildschirmzeit ist eine der neuen Funktionen von iOS 12, in der dritten Public Beta hat Apple einiges verbessert. Wir klären im Folgenden, was man aus den Statistiken lesen kann und wie man die die Funktionen optimal nutzt. via Pocket
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12 hours ago by hansdorsch
The Game Developers of Color Expo Was a Respite From the Hostile Gaming Scene - Motherboard
Giving developers of color the space to speak about anything but their own marginalization shouldn’t be a grand gesture, but in the gaming industry it feels like an exemplary move.
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yesterday by frederfred
Fodor's Travel: 11 Secrets of California’s Mysterious Lost Coast
Fodor's Travel
Humboldt County’s Lost Coast is a hidden gem. Read the full story
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