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Apple's 5G iPhone shift bogged down by Qualcomm chip battle - CNET
Funny how when Apple was suing Samsung over patent theft, they wanted to be paid based on the entire cost of the phone, not just the cost of the patents. Now they are suing Qualcomm because they Qualcomm is using that pricing model. I use a lot of Apple products, and even i can see the hypocrisy.
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3 hours ago by foliovision
The Atlantic: The President’s Big-Mac Feast Was Politically Savvy
The Atlantic
The fast-food dinner Trump hosted was also an argument: about government, about political messaging, about himself. Read the full story
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3 hours ago by fulab
Apple says Qualcomm refused to sell modems for iPhone XS and XR, citing legal battle - 9to5Mac
As Apple and Qualcomm’s FTC trial continues today, we’re learning more details about the quarrels between the two companies. via Pocket
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5 hours ago by evansthompson
Sunset: TSA Agents Are Quitting and Pilots Are Concerned About Safety As the Government Shutdown Continues
TSA Agents Are Quitting and Pilots Are Concerned About Safety As the Government Shutdown Continues
As the federal government shutdown continues through its third week, airport workers are getting hit hard as they are expected to work without a paycheck. As “essential” federal employees, TSA agents have been showing up for work without payment for nearly a month at one of the lowest paying and most thankless jobs in the airport industry,... Read the full story
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9 hours ago by ahasteve
Apple's COO delivers blistering testimony on Qualcomm's 'onerous demands' over cellular patents
Court testimony from Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams has laid out that Qualcomm has repeatedly flexed its monopoly control over the cellular industry in its dealings with Apple, demanding that Apple not only pay to license its patents, but also cross-license all of its own intellectual property above and beyond requiring a 5 percent cut of the total cost of Apple's products plus exclusivity in sourcing all of Apple's mobile chips.
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9 hours ago by nicoladagostino
Aggressive Mediocrity: Custom localization system for your iphone games
The iphone SDK has it's own localization system, which works very well, but as you may know the default localization system does not allow you to change the language in run-time, just use the OS default system, and it also does not allow other languages beyond what's defined on the iphone OS.
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13 hours ago by dagh
Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investors - Apple
there are 5.5bn adults on earth, 5bn have a mobile phone and between 3.5 and 4bn people have a smartphone. Apple has 8-900m of those. The mobile market is reaching saturation, and so is the smartphone market, and Apple has won the high end of the smartphone market. This is not ‘the fall of Apple’ -it’s just the shift of smartphones to boring maturity, as we look for what’s next_
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18 hours ago by camillaxgrey

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