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FE webdev on iPad Pro (2018) – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
So why add the proviso? What really pushes me back to my MacBook & what can you successfully get away with on iOS? My productivity varies wildly depending on what type of project I’m working on, and…
Coding  ipad  Development  ios 
2 days ago by jbpin
Luna Display | Turn your iPad into a second display
The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display for your Mac.
Mac  iPad  iOS 
3 days ago by postnumbers
Apple and Amazon's new partnership comes to fruition just ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday | iMore
It was previously reported that Amazon and Apple settled old disputes, and that the e-commerce giant would begin selling Apple products in the coming weeks. Well, that time has come, and some of Apple's most popular gear is already starting to show …
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  amazon  apple  ipad  shopping  tech  via-Diigo 
3 days ago by evansthompson
iPhone photo-editing app Darkroom expands to iPad | Cult of Mac
Darkroom is a photo-editing application that invites comparison to Adobe’s Lightroom. But it’s always had a limitation: the only version was for iPhone. That’s about to change, as an iPad version is out in beta. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  apps  ipad  news  photography  tech  via-Diigo 
3 days ago by evansthompson
I upvoted Pocket Lists on Product Hunt: World's friendliest to-do list app https://ift.tt/2BVmwEh
Product  Hunt  iPhone  iPad  Web  App  Productivity  Task  Management 
3 days ago by guygilbert
Apple iPad Pro review 2018: the fastest iPad is still an iPad - The Verge | https://www.theverge.com/
Apple seems to want it both ways with the iPad Pro: it loves to tout the iPad’s laptop-dwarfing sales figures and industry-leading performance, but when pushed on the iPad’s limitations, the company insists that the iPad is still an ongoing attempt to build the future of computing, not a laptop replacement.

But after eight years, this double-sided argument is no longer tenable. Unlike virtually every other computer, the iPad is a product of Apple’s singular vision: the company designs the display, the processor, the operating system, and the limits of the applications and accessories that plug into it. And after all this time, it’s clear that whatever roadblocks and frustrations exist in using the iPad Pro are there because Apple wants them there. There just aren’t that many excuses left.
ipad  apple  hardware  butwhy  photoshop 
4 days ago by kme
Brydge - Award Winning Bluetooth Keyboards for iPad & Surface Pro
Bluetooth keyboards for iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Backlit keys, aluminum body, 180° viewing. Learn more now >
iPad  keyboard 
4 days ago by rmcl

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