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"Let's code a TCP/IP stack"
tcpip  tcp  ip  coding  tuntap  linux  networking 
13 hours ago by sdstrowes
IP チェックサムの秘密
IP チェックサムの解説。勉強になる。
ip  tcp  algorithm 
yesterday by summerwind
DSL Speed-Test
Upload und Download Geschwindigkeit bei DSL testen
internet  speed  test  ip  software  howto 
5 days ago by navegador
Maximizing the Value of Patents
MaxVal Group, Inc. is a patent services company based in the Silicon Valley that focuses on optimizing patent lifecycle management.
legal  services  BPO  USA  ML  patent  IP 
7 days ago by shalmaneser
Testing the Application of Old Laws on New Technology | Stratfor
Some would argue that patents, which can be used to lock down technological breakthroughs, can limit cooperation, causing innovation to stagnate. A trend has developed in recent years in which developers open access to their designs to promote innovation and the further development of technology. For instance, Tesla Motors allows a number of its patents to be used in good faith without cost, Toyota Motor Corp. has opened thousands of patents on fuel cells and related technology to fee-free use, and some software development in general has moved away from patents and toward a model of open-source collaboration. By doing so, proponents argue, transparent competition and collaboration will promote development more than the current system of patent protection allows. In areas such as additive manufacturing, where software and design elements can prove to be as vital as hardware developments, the potential for lawsuits surrounding intellectual property is vast. But a movement toward open-source software projects, where computer code is available for anyone to modify or improve, has the potential to change how that industry works. The movement argues that the elimination of intellectual property barriers creates transparency and promotes rapid prototyping, increasing the speed of development. With the true value of different types of patents open for debate, this strategy could be more broadly applied in the future.
ip  regulation  ethics 
8 days ago by JordanFurlong
Powerline/homeplug networking: IP addresses etc. advanced help please! | AVForums
In terms of IP, the powerline devices are usually "transparent" to your router and client devices. If they (the powerline adapters) do have IP addresses, I suspect it's only so you connect to them for administrative purposes. They don't contain any kind of routing, NAT or any other IP functions. (In the technical jargon, they are "layer 2" devices.)
network  powerline  ip 
10 days ago by tinley

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