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Fox 'Stole' a Game Clip, Used It In Family Guy and DMCA'd the Original - Slashdot
- either its automated software or exceptionally shady business practices - both of which are plausible scenarios when it comes to Fox
media  ip  legal  us  totwitter 
2 days ago by renaissancechambara
IP 2 Country / IP Geolocation JSON API
JSON API returns the country of an IP address. Simple, fast, free. For open source projects only.
ip  API 
3 days ago by alivelee
IP 2 Country / IP Geolocation JSON API
Have an open-source project that needs to figure out a user’s country by IP? Here’s a free, simple geolocation API to do the job.
api  geolocation  ip  address 
4 days ago by lrolecek
Test your download speed using fast.com
ip  tools 
4 days ago by dvera
Do Patent Commons and Standards-Setting Organizations Help Navigate Patent Thickets?
By Wen Wen, Chris Forman
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 5, Pages 42-43
econ_issues  IP  patent  anti-trust  network_effects  standards 
5 days ago by Frieda.Mendelsohn

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