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Open source security camera software to monitor and record video from IP, cctv, webcams and even the PI camera
automation  camera  cctv  detection  diy  free  home  inbox  iot  ip  masking  motion  open  pi  privacy  raspberrypi  raspi  rtsp  security  software  source  homeautomation 
2 days ago by chenyang
Intellectual property strategy assessment | BDC.ca
Get started by planning a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) strategy to support the integration of IP into your business plan. This strategy will help maximize the value of your IP and protect your competitive advantage.

Use this free assessment, developed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) in partnership with BDC, to help guide the development of your IP strategy.

The following assessment includes four questions and will take you five minutes to complete. Simply choose one response that best suits your business needs for each question. Once you have completed the assessment, your results will be displayed online. You will also have the option to receive a report containing your results, plus recommended readings and information.
ESB6  ch17  IP  intellectualproperty  assessment  survey  free  Online 
2 days ago by jeromekatz
Intellectual property simulation - Interactive game | BDC.ca
Play our interactive game to discover more about intellectual property (IP) and protecting your intangible assets. After all, they can be just as valuable, or more so, than tangible assets in today’s knowledge-based economy. You will meet two entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Help them choose the best path to protect their IP by interviewing them and choosing the best solutions. You can also ask questions to learn more about intellectual property options. Play more than once to improve your score and gain important knowledge about IP.
ESB6  ch17  IP  intellectualproperty  game  simulation  simulations  free  Online 
2 days ago by jeromekatz
TCP/IP Subnet Masking made easy - YouTube
Video explaining subnet masking. Even then it's still a little tough to comprehend. Might require a few viewings.
youtube  screencast  video  tutorial  networking  ipaddress  cidr  tcp  ip  subnet  masking  calculation  explanation  guide  reference  howto  example 
5 days ago by racl101
digitalocean/netbox: IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.
NetBox is an IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool. Initially conceived by the network engineering team at DigitalOcean, NetBox was developed specifically to address the needs of network and infrastructure engineers.
ipam  dcim  IP  management  netbox  datacenter 
7 days ago by slmingol
Activate IP-Forwarding on the physical server for a specific network interface – KB.IWEB.COM
To activate the "IP Forwarding" option for the interface with the ID "Idx = 19", run the command:

set interface 19 forwarding="enabled"
windows  !!!  ip 
10 days ago by daugustine

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