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mplex technical issues, it may be beneficial for the inventor or company representative to attend along with the attorney or agent. The inventor, for example, can be particularly helpful in interviews prior to the first Office Action where the purpose is to educate the Examiner and provide the Examiner with a better understanding of the technology and the invention.
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7 days ago by claimabstract
Why We Will Not Be Registering easyDNS.SUCKS - blog.easydns.org
If you're not immersed in the naming business you may find the jargon in it hard to understand. The basic upshot is this: the IPC believes that the mechanisms that were enacted to protect trademark holders during the deluge of new TLD rollouts are being gamed by the .SUCKS TLD operator to extort inflated fees from trademark holders.

(via Nelson)
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7 days ago by jm
When A Neuro-Stimulation Company Failed, Pioneering Patients Were Paralyzed Again | MIT Technology Review
A story about tech, cyborgs, healthcare, IP law, and disability. The future really is weirder than we can suppose:
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10 days ago by griffey

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