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Games and Other Uncopyrightable Systems (PDF)
"Defining games is a notoriously difficult enterprise. Scholars from several different disciplines have struggled to determine what the nature, or essence, of games really is. And the elusiveness of games poses problems for intellectual property law as well."

In-depth look at defining "game" (and a variety of other relevant terms) in the context of copyright law, whether games should be copyrightable, and why.

Via http://scholarship.law.marquette.edu/facpub/82/
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[no title]
A list of all the IP ranges that AWS uses.
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PMI – Patent Monetization Inc.
Influence, access, respect and results.
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The IPKat: A bit more about the IPKat
Launched in 2003 as a teaching aid for Intellectual Property Law students in London, the IPKat’s blog has become a popular source of material, comment and amusement for IP owners, practitioners, judges, students and administrators.
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