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Visual search for trademarks Image recognition tailored for brand protection has changed infringement searching forever
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21 hours ago by shalmaneser
Reverse IP Lookup - ViewDNS.info
reverse loookup dns servers by domain or ip
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yesterday by kexrex
Facebook Knows What You’re Streaming - Bloomberg
It customizes commercials based on the Facebook profiles tied to the IP addresses doing the streaming, according to a company spokesman. He says Facebook is trying out this approach with the A&E network (The Killing, Duck Dynasty) and streaming startup Tubi TV, selecting free test ads for nonprofits or its own products along with a handful of name brands.
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4 days ago by libbymiller
Forget the Career Ladder: Start Creating Assets | Lateral Action
(Never mind that the corporate career ladder is a lot shakier than it used to be, to the point where some people are starting to proclaim the end of jobs. That’s a story for another day.)

The strugglers live from project to project, gig to gig. Each new project feels like starting afresh, from scratch. Each new client needs to be pitched and sold from scratch. They are always too busy or too skint to do the work they really want to do. It’s exhausting and demoralising.
The ones who prosper take a longer term approach. As well as living day-to-day, they carve out time to create assets that will make everything easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable in the future. As time goes by, they have more and more assets, and the effects start to multiply – to the point where they achieve exponentially more with their efforts than they had ever thought possible.

Accountants like to distinguish between tangible assets (physical property such as buildings and equipment) and intangible assets (virtual property such as copyrights, trademarks, franchises, software, stocks and bonds).
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7 days ago by akiraman

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