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Reverse IP Lookup - ViewDNS.info
Takes a domain or IP address and does a reverse lookup to quickly shows all other domains hosted from the same server. Useful for finding phishing sites or identifying other sites on the same shared hosting server.
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yesterday by raphman
Afrikan Governments That Cut Off Internet Access Could Soon Be Denied IP Addresses And Other Web Resources
"A proposal submitted to the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa, is calling for Afrikan governments that shut down Internet access in their countries be denied resources, in this case IP addresses, for a period of twelve months following the shutdown.

The proposal also recommends that the punishment be extended to 'all government-owned entities and entities that have a direct provable relationship with said government'.

AFRINIC is responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources - IP address space (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) - in Africa and the Indian Ocean region." - Sello Moloi, iAfrikan
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7 days ago by dmcdev

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