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News - eMule Security
This site specializes on providing IP-filter, nodes.dat, Serverlist for eMule and download mirror for eMule MODs.
IP-filter - It is a special file ipfilter.dat which contains IP-Ranges of anti-peer2peer organizations, corrupted data senders, hackers and resedved IP-Ranges. Which will be blocked. More info. IP-filter consists of:
1) Basic (Level 1) blocklist by Bluetack Internet Security Solutions.
2) Bogon list by CIDR Reports.
3) Fake servers list created and updated by me (part one, part two).
P2P  Security  IP  Emule 
5 days ago by FreemanZY
A “right to repair” movement tools up
From tractors to smartphones, mending things is getting ever harder
diy  ip  law  crime  technology 
10 days ago by soobrosa
Toolkit for rolling your own TCP or whatever outside the kernel.
dpdk  networking  performance  linux  tcp  ip  udp 
10 days ago by rcrowley

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