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The Ties That Bind - by IvanW
I didn’t know how long we were at the bar, but I know Sam drove us home, and I was too wasted to realize how much of a bad idea that was. I didn’t think he was as shit-faced as I was, but I was too shit-faced to realize it one way or another.

By the time the hover car rattled to a stop I was nearly unconscious. Sam had to come to the passenger side and pulled me out.

As he dragged me to the side door, it took us both a moment to realize someone stood there.

Sam stopped dead. “What the—”

I looked up, bleary-eyed. Suddenly my vision swam and I stumbled forward.

“It’s my Vulcan. Spock!”

Everything shifted and tilted and it took probably longer than it should before I realized Spock had scooped me up into his arms. What did they call that? Bridal?

“Are you responsible for this?” Spock demanded of Sam, his voice cold and stony.

“Nope,” Sam said cheerfully. “I think you are.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  pining  earthside  iowa  winona  sam  drunk  meet-the-family 
4 days ago by runpunkrun
'NE StrikeForce' hit Lansing, [population 940] for their Fish Days parade. We are making LOUD…
Bernie2020  Iowa  IA  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by jstenner
BREAKING: The data is clear - New Science Survey reveals the majority of Democrats & Republicans want the pre…
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25 days ago by jrosenau
Nature Boy - by Snabulous
“A Vulcan is a being from the planet of the same name,” Spock explains, though confused as to why he should have to. “It is sixteen light years away from this planet. We have been in contact with humans for several hundred years, so I must ask-”

The boy cuts him off, a huge grin dominating his features. He drops to a squat, putting his face directly in front of Spock’s, much closer than he would prefer. “You’re not from here?”

Spock raises an eyebrow and leans back to a safer distance. “No, I am not,” he says.

“Which way is Vulcan?” the boy asks, moving to fully sit down, crossing his legs beneath him. Fallen flowers seem to gather around his knees magnetically, but Spock suspects a trick of the irregular light.

Spock looks up to the sky, obscured though it is by the heart-shaped catalpa leaves. It would not be possible to give an exact direction from his position, so he points in the direction that would likely be most easily understood: up.

The boy’s eyes light up. “You’re from the stars?” he questions excitedly. Spock understands that it is some sort of a colloquialism on Earth to refer to other life forms as being “from the stars,” so he does not correct the boy, simply nodding once.

“And where are you from?” Spock asks. “You appear to be human, but I am unsure.”

“I’m from here,” the boy replies vaguely, picking up the cup-like flowers from the ground and stacking them on his knee.

Spock waits for him to elaborate. When the boy says nothing further, Spock says, “Clarify.”

“What do you mean?” the boy asks, tilting his head and squinting. He leans closer, as though proximity would allow him to understand.

“Are you from Iowa?”

“I’m from here,” the boy repeats.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  earthside  iowa  meet-as-kids  bonded 
26 days ago by runpunkrun
! As an olive branch for having Bill De Blasio knocking at your door, we're hosting a show in…
Iowa  comedy  from twitter_favs
29 days ago by andriak
Soil erosion: Why fertile earth is being degraded and lost
Degraded soil around the world is making farms less fertile and threatening the future of the food supply.
farming  food  trends  weather  soil  iowa  bbc  erosion 
5 weeks ago by xer0x

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