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The Truth About the “Vegan Lobby” | The New Republic
I mean I'm grumpy about vegans who give vegans a bad name, with bad slavery allusions or obnoxious policies or fat shaming.
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3 days ago by UltraNurd
I Will Have This - by ashayam_spirk
“I’m so sorry,” Amanda breathed out. “He’s…I told him one thing in the shop, and he took it a bit…literal.”

The woman’s entire face softened, and she knelt down. Amanda bristled for a second, a warning not to touch Spock on the tip of her tongue, but it was unnecessary. The woman held up a perfect ta’al to her son. “My name is Winona Kirk. And that baby you’re holding, his name is James, but we call him Jim.”

“I am Spock,” the boy said, hitching Jim up higher against his chest in a way a child might hold a teddy bear. Amanda would have worried, but the small infant seemed to be as content as ever, a fist curled into his mouth which he gummed happily, the other hand gripping Spock’s sleeve. “I will have this to take home to Vulcan.”

“Well you know,” Winona said, looking back at Amanda with a small smile, “I think that he would enjoy Vulcan, but maybe not until he’s older. You see, human babies cry a lot. And very loudly. And they want a lot of hugs and kisses.”

Spock’s tiny nose wrinkled as he weighed those options. Then, after a pause, he said, “That is acceptable.”
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11 days ago by runpunkrun
An open call for nominations to find Iowa's best conservation farmers
This award is an opportunity to highlight and recognize a farmer that has gone above and beyond in their conservation efforts and serves as a model of land stewardship in the community and across the state.
iowa  farming  farm  dad 
12 days ago by dcrall
Remembering Cyclone Wrestling Great Ron Jones - Iowa State University Athletics
Ron Jones was my high school counselor and I worked with him for years hosting wrestling tournaments at my high school. I love the story here about how Harold Nichols hunted down him and his brother Don while they were working as roofers after they graduated, and convinced them to come to Iowa State. Similarly, Ron hunted me down after seeing my ACT score to be sure I knew about UNI's presidential scholars program and to help me apply.
wrestling  Iowa  2012  07-July  school  highered  graduation 
23 days ago by downclimb
I have to wonder how many of the state legislators who voted for this wouldn't hesitate an instant to send US…
Iowa  from twitter
25 days ago by dionysia
Heading to Fairfield today to join a panel on info literacy in the digital/ era and how to…
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6 weeks ago by cranston
Iowa Rivers Information System
The Iowa Rivers Information System (IRIS) is a tool for both professionals and the public to obtain information about rivers and streams in Iowa and the diversity of natural resources they support.
Iowa  hydro 
7 weeks ago by GIS_at_work

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