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What If - by yaoichan12 (ST/Family Man)
“There you are finally,” Jim said with a smile. He walked over and sat the plate of pancakes on the table before the kids. Spock watched Jim give two the girl and help her cute them up before giving one to the boy and cutting it up. He then shooed the cat off the table before he turned to Spock. “I need to quickly get ready and head out.” Jim walked over and patted Spock on the shoulder. “You’re on syrup duty.”

“Of course.”

“You look sexy in your uniform,” Jim said before kissing Spock’s cheek. “I already made their lunches and fed the dogs. I’ll be back down in a few.”

Spock nodded and watched Jim walk away. He turned back to the kids who were both staring at him. “Syrup?”

“Daddy was warming it,” the girl said, pointing over to the microwave.

Spock went to it and retrieve the syrup. He brought it over to the table and poured a little bit over the girl’s pancakes. When he tried to pour it over the boys, the boy covered the pancakes and growled. “No, dada.”

“You gotta put it in the little place,” the girl said, pointing to the small spot on the boy’s plate. “So, he can dip it. Remember?”

“Yes, of course.” Spock poured a little into the spot on the plate then stepped back. His son…Jim and Spock’s son…picked up his little fork. The boy stabbed a piece of pancake, dipped it into the syrup, then ate it.

So cute. Spock put the syrup down and sat with them at the table. He made himself a plate and started to eat.

I am ten years in the future. Which is not logical as Jim and I are not a couple. I believe that attendant from the star base had something to do with this. Q. Must find him and make him reserve whatever he has done.

“What if you had turned around, Spock?” was the last thing he remember before he fell and blacked out and woke up ten years later.
st:aos  kirk/spock  fusion  alternatetimelines  iowa  domestic  mpreg  progeny  xmas 
22 days ago by runpunkrun
the fifth kind - by sunshine_captain
Lady chooses that moment to abandon Jim. She walks right up to Spock, tail wagging, and politely waits to be petted.

Her manners have always been too good for her to jump on people. Spock pats her head experimentally, and when she woofs encouragingly he pets her properly, fingers trailing over her silver fur with evident interest.

“Fascinating,” he murmurs, bending down to get a better look at her. “Is this a canine?”

Spock makes a movement at his belt, and Jim steps forward in alarm, raising the shovel again. “What are you doing?”

“My apologies.” Spock raises his hands, showing Jim what he retrieved. “I merely wanted to scan this creature with my tricorder.”

Jim stares at the device in puzzlement and Spock explains, "It is a device that gathers and stores data."

"A computer," Jim says, understanding.

"Yes, essentially." Spock's attention shifts from Lady to Jim himself. "It would be interesting to scan you as well, Mr. Kirk."

Aware suddenly that he's shirtless, Jim flushes a little. "I don't know if that's the best idea. Look, Spock, I don't want to hang around in this field all night. I think it's best if you get back into your ship and go back to….Vulcan, did you say?"

Lady, who is still being idly petted by Spock, nuzzles against him and gives Jim what he interprets as a reproachful look.

This is utterly surreal. There's an alien standing in front of him, and he's being betrayed by his own dog.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  dogs  firstcontact 
23 days ago by runpunkrun
My Dad's Friendship With Charles Barkley | Only A Game
"And, before we know it, we looked at each other, like, ‘Yo, man, I’m hungry. Let’s go to dinner,’ " Barkley said. "It turned into a two-hour dinner. And then we actually went back to the bar and just sit there and talked for another couple of hours. And the rest is history."

My dad and Barkley saw each other again in the bar the next night. And the night after that. At the end of the third night:

"Certainly, I told him I had a good time talking with him, hanging out with him," my dad said. "He said the same thing to me, and he left the phone number. He said, 'Whenever you're in Atlanta, New York City or Phoenix, check out with me. If I’m in town, we'll hang out and have a good time.' "
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4 weeks ago by dcrall
Earth Kids are Assholes - by sadlikeknives (Once Upon a Time in Iowa #1)
He is several blocks from his aunt's when the boys start following him. They are friends of his cousin Brad, boys Brad seems embarrassed to have around, but still, somehow, friends. They are a few years older and bigger than Spock. He ignores them and keeps walking. Everything they toss at him is a variant on something he's heard before, the flip side of the coin. His Vulcan ears and his eyebrows and his haircut instead of his human eyes. His father instead of his mother. His lack of emotion instead of the showing thereof. He ignores them and keeps walking until one of them grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around and says, "I'm talking to you, freak," and Spock hauls off and punches him in the nose because being proactive at this point is only logical, and then the other three jump him, so possibly it was less logical than he thought.

A sixth boy joins the fight with a wild sort of battle cry, and it takes Spock a few seconds to realize he's on his side, and once the two of them are working together they aren't able to win, but they're able to fight their way free and run. The boy leads him down one side street and then another, until they're pounding up the back steps into the boy's house and slamming the door behind them, and then Spock really gets a good look at his rescuer.
st:aos  gen  kirk&spock  iowa  meet-as-kids 
5 weeks ago by runpunkrun

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