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Vulcan Keeping and Other Problems - by t_3po / neetols
"What did you do to my child?"

Mel thinks about the weeks Spock spent with her, thinks about all the things her nephew said and did, and settles for the classic response.

"I didn't do anything."

It is, of course, a lie.
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field notes - by DeHeerKonijn
The first night Spock spends in the old Kirk farmhouse is a restive one.

He is there as a gesture of truce, in a way. Jim is captain now, took it from him, shines in this role like glittering stars do in the night sky over Riverside, billions of miles away. Jim is cosmic, untouchable. He is captain because Spock can’t be, doesn’t want to be. He proved it without meaning to, but Spock finds he doesn’t much care, might find some relief in depositing the responsibility into such adept hands. As he lays on the ancient mattress in Sam’s old room, he stares up at the flaking drywall and considers the circumstances that brought him to this moment. Spock is made for cool, smooth metal and sterile labs — precise, calibrated climate control in his quarters aboard the Enterprise — not for command and not this rustic, impulsive place. The shrieking and buzzing and clicking outside drill their way through his uncomfortable attempts to sleep.

The next morning, when Jim smirks at his wavy fringe over a cup of coffee, Spock almost looks annoyed. They have hit something of a companionable stride, but there remains some considerable work yet to be done. They talk for hours as they walk the fields, golden as the sun begins to set and the birds return to roost.

The first time Jim sighs breathily into the crook of Spock’s neck, invites Spock into his mind and into his body, it is late June — of all places, they are on the front porch. Jim is playful and his tongue has a slight tang of whisky, but his eyes are alert and earnest. He speaks reverently of their shared history in the same breath that he worries the old rattan lounger won’t support their combined weight, and he stands and braces his palms against the weathered banister instead. Spock’s heart feels full as he watches the sweat-slick planes of muscle in Jim’s back shift beneath him, catalogues every mole and freckle and mosquito bite. With no neighbors for a mile on either side, Jim is noisy, joyful. He howls his satisfaction under Spock's touch out into the busy night.
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First Contact - by triedunture
Jim was just about to suggest a game of cards when the aliens came.

They arrived unannounced in a shower of sparks about two yards away from the porch steps. Jim's dad was on his feet in an instant, his hand gripping Jim's elbow tight. For some reason, Jim's first thought was that this was some kind of dust storm, maybe a lightning strike. Lightning worked in funny ways, he knew. But no, the light died away and left three shapes standing there in long dark robes. It wasn't a trick of the light.

Winona Kirk's cigarette sputtered in the grass, where it was dropped from her nerveless fingers. Jim watched it for a moment before shifting his attention back to the three figures standing on their lawn.

The tallest stepped forward. His hair was a shiny black helmet and his face looked like cold marble and his ears were an elves', all pointed at the high tips. "I greet you—" he said, or tried to.

"George, get Jim inside. Go, now," Jim's mom said quickly.

The stranger continued, heedless. "There is no need to be frightened."

"Too late," Jim's dad rumbled, his voice an earthquake against Jim's back. "What are you?"

"I am Sarek of Vulcan, ambassador to your planet." He bowed his regal head. "We have been preparing for this moment for quite some time, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk. This is the day we reveal ourselves to you."
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Robert Ray, Iowa governor who gave Vietnam War refugees a home in his state, dies at 89 - The Washington Post
Iowa became one of the largest resettlement locations in the United States, and Mr. Ray dismissed any notion that relocating thousands of people fleeing Vietnam to his largely rural Midwestern state would carry political risks.
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Robert Ray, beloved 5-term Iowa governor, dies at 89
Three times in his governorship, Ray reached out to refugee populations of Southeast Asia displaced by the Vietnam War and other conflicts. Ray opened the Hawkeye State’s borders to Tai Dam refugees in 1974 and Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian refugees in 1977.
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