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Bluetooth Low Energy
Software programmable NFC tag
Red, Green and Blue LEDs, and General purpose button
Infrared transmitter
Built in magnetometer, thermometer, light and battery level sensors
36mm dia, 12.5mm thick case (64mm x 62mm x 16mm in cardboard box)
Tough Silicone cover and ABS plastic rear with lanyard mount
64MHz Cortex M4 processor
64kB RAM, 512kB Flash
17 GPIO pins (8 on 0.1" pitch)
Voltage range: 2.0v - 3.6v
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22 hours ago by euler
Picks for Today!
The latest Picks for Today!! Thanks to
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yesterday by cveira
IoT goes nuclear: creating a ZigBee chain reaction | the morning paper
An amazing attack on Phiiips Hue smart bulbs shows how a whole city could be taken over in minutes. Sobering stuff.
infosec  security  iot 
yesterday by bjtitus
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robotics Message Board - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robotics (Houston, TX) | Meetup
Wonderful collection of AI and Machine learning articles & resources compiled by the Houston AI/ML meetup group. Includes sections on Getting Started, Classes, Glossary, Event notes and topics, developement environments, speakers, and Event Summaries.
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  robotics  internetofthings  iot 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Flic Hub lets you control your IoT buttons without a smartphone
Perhaps the most appealing reason to get a Flic Hub is that it opens up control of your IoT devices to others in your household. One Flic Hub is enough to control up to 64 buttons as well, significantly more than the 8 that can be controlled through the Flic app. You’ll still need to use your smartphone to set up your buttons for the first time, but once you’ve designated actions for your them, you can go smartphone-free.
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yesterday by seaugust
Amazon’s Echo Show gets more practical by adding support for smart home camera feeds
Already, companies like Ring, Arlo, Nest, August, EZViz, Vivint, Amcrest, and IC Realtime have created Alexa Skills that will use the new functionality, Amazon says.
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yesterday by seaugust
IFTTT’s powerful new initiative connects up with government data streams
In practice, that means every time there’s a relevant new SEC filing, your Hue lights can flash green (or red, depending). Or you can get a text every time the State Department posts a travel warning. Or a Slack notification each time the Department of Defense posts an update.
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yesterday by seaugust
Nest’s lead industrial designer is leaving to join luxury behemoth LVMH
Nest’s head of industrial design, Rocky Jacob, is leaving the company to join European luxury goods company LVMH, according to sources.
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yesterday by seaugust
JavaScript for Microcontrollers and IoT: Part 1
Learn about the different options for running JavaScript on microcontrollers and IoT platforms
microcontrollers  IoT  javascript 
yesterday by rockbandit
Accenture passes 50% in its shift to ‘The New’ - by @whostu
"Accenture is now 50% transitioned to The New of cloud and digital services. But the Trump administration's failure to deliver on public sector reform is taking a toll."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  digital  content  marketing  government  public  services  iot  robotics  ai  outsourcing 
yesterday by jonerp
We are Best Newcomer Accelerator 2017! | SAP Blogs
Very cool - SAP IoT Startup Accelerator named Best Newcomer Accelerator 2017!
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yesterday by TomRaftery

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