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GitHub - Awalz/SwiftyCam
A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift
7 days ago by raygrasso
ios - Apple Rejection For Third Party Sign Up - Stack Overflow
One developer's experience pushing back at the App Store regarding Sign In With Apple
signinwithapple  appstore  iosdev 
7 days ago by bunnyhero
NSSecureCoding and transformable properties in Core Data
if you're using property list values, "NSSecureUnarchiveFromData" is what you want
iosdev  coredata  tips 
25 days ago by bunnyhero
RT : CAReplicatorLayer can nest other CAReplicatorLayers! It's replicators all the way down.

SwiftLang  iOSDev  iOS  from twitter
29 days ago by tingham
Fate of user defaults during background sessions |Apple Developer Forums
Eskimo recommends to not use UserDefaults for app settings *if* those settings need to access when in background.
iosdev  userdefaults  settings  background 
4 weeks ago by aleck

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