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Switchboard - Your instant voice network
Free intercom for close friends & colleagues
chat  app  voice  voip  mac  ios 
yesterday by segfault
WenchaoD/FSCalendar: A fully customizable iOS calendar library, compatible with Objective-C and Swift
A fully customizable iOS calendar library, compatible with Objective-C and Swift
dev  ios  swift 
yesterday by exon
Google Launches Grasshopper Smartphone Game to Teach Coding | Time
From programmable LEGO robots to mobile apps like Hopscotch, there’s no shortage of games and toys designed to get children interested in computer science. But when it comes to adults, the options to learn how to code start to look a lot less like fun and a lot more like classwork.
Archive  ios  webdev 
yesterday by dvand5
Toga — Toga 0.3.0.dev9 documentation
Toga is a Python native, OS native, cross platform GUI toolkit. Toga consists of a library of base components with a shared interface to simplify platform-agnostic GUI development.

Toga is available on Mac OS, Windows, Linux (GTK), and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
python  gui  ui  osx  windows  android  ios  gtk 
yesterday by micktwomey
Apache Cordova
Mobile apps with HTML, CSS & JS

Target multiple platforms with one code base
development  mobile  ios  programming 
yesterday by gangly

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