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Use tones on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Connect device to Mac. Open iTunes. Drag item from your computer to your iOS device in the left sidebar of iTunes.
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18 hours ago by ahall
Supporting iPhone X
"Safe area guides," and designing for the iPhone X's notch.
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19 hours ago by mario.d
iOS 10 How-To: Print to PDF from anywhere in iOS using 3D Touch | 9to5Mac
(On saving a webpage to a PDF:)
“1. Head to anything that has the option to ‘Print.’ This includes full webpages, images, documents in apps, documents in Safari, and much more.

“2. Tap the ‘Share’ icon to bring up the Share Sheet.

“3. Scroll to the right until you see the “Print” button. Tap it.

“4. Instead of selecting a printer like you normally would, use 3D Touch to “Peek” at the document preview.

“5. Press harder to “Pop” into the full document.

“6. From this screen, select the “Share” icon again to bring put the Share Sheet.

“7. Now, you can choose from your normal list of services and export the document, webpage, image, or email as a PDF.”
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20 hours ago by handcoding
RT : The Android Masterclass: App Development in Java & Kotlin

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Do Not Disturb While Sitting on the Train – Joe Caiati – Medium
I think it’s an amazing new addition to iOS and it has forced me to reach for my phone less when driving. I take an above ground train to work everyday and my iPhone always thinks I am driving which activates the feature. With Apple Maps being such a mature product, you would think that they could leverage their data to smartly detect the route I am on and deduce that it is by train which would then not activate the feature. My best guess is that Apple would rather be safe than sorry until they know their train travel detection is perfect before ruling out routes. I realize that I am probably now in the minority so this setting could be Apple’s solution as it caters to the majority of car owners.
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yesterday by sechilds

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