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RT : Things You should know about Ionic Mobile Development
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september 2017 by ormg
Touch-coordinates relative to target object - ionic - Ionic
var canvasPosition = getPosition(ev.gesture.touches[0].target);

var tap = { x:0, y:0 };
tt = ev.gesture.touches[0];
tap.x = tt.clientX || tt.pageX || tt.screenX ||0;
tap.y = tt.clientY || tt.pageY || tt.screenY ||0;
tap.x = tap.x - canvasPosition.x;
tap.y = tap.y - canvasPosition.y;
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may 2015 by chadclark
Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
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may 2015 by chadclark
Crafting a weather app with Ionic framework and - Tutorial - Binpress

In this article we're going to build a simple weather forecast app with [Ionic framework][1], an open-source front-end development kit for building cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5 and Javascript.
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may 2015 by chadclark
ion-alpha-scroll - Alphabetically indexed list with alpha scroll bar.
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may 2015 by chadclark
ion-search directive with Ionic framework
A demo of a directive which add a fancy search bar to filter data. It can filter / search from promises sources and preloaded sources. For the promises...
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may 2015 by chadclark
Ionic: Using Factories and Web Services for Dynamic Data
In this article, I will show how to build a Data Layer for an Ionic app, wired to a web service.
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may 2015 by chadclark

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