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j3k0/cordova-plugin-openwith: Get your Cordova App in the O.S. "Share" menu on iOS and Android
Get your Cordova App in the O.S. "Share" menu on iOS and Android - j3k0/cordova-plugin-openwith
ionic  cordova  share  extension 
5 weeks ago by andrewcox
Creating an iOS Share Extension for an Ionic App
At Curalate we build a mobile app that allows our clients to use our services on-the-go. It provides an ever-evolving subset of features from our web experience and we ship updates every month or so, but we don’t have any engineers that specialize in mobile development on our team! Ionic enables us to leverage the expertise of our full-stack engineers to ship a product on mobile using client technology that we’re already familiar with - AngularJS. We write well-factored JavaScript in...
ionic  share  app  extension 
5 weeks ago by andrewcox

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