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Using Zip & Jaz Drives In DOS Mode
Not the clearest instructions, but decent place to start.
dos  nostalgia  retrodosmachine  iomega  zip  jaz 
april 2017 by rubenerd
Jaz-drive HOWTO - Jaz-Drive-HOWTO.pdf
From MIT no less. If you ever wanted to run an Iomega Jaz drive in Linux!
iomega  jaz  drivers  hardware  linux  retro 
march 2017 by rubenerd
Zip Drive 100 SCSI (External) – Apple Rescue of Denver
I didn't know the external Zip drive was OEM'd and came in beige!
zipdrive  iomega  nostalgia  retro  1990s 
march 2017 by rubenerd
FOOLWIRE: Fool Focus: Iomega Earnings
Another Iomega blast from the past, this time from 1996
business  iomega  nostalgia  1990s 
september 2016 by rubenerd
Removable Storage - Dansdata
This is such a beautiful nostalgia trip into 1990s IT. Zip and Jaz drives. ISA busses.
zipdrive  jaz  iomega  nostalgia  1990s  disks 
september 2016 by rubenerd
Jaz-drive HOWTO: Booting from a Jaz Cartridge
Yes, I was looking to see if this was possible. 2GB would be plenty for an old nostalgia machine
iomega  jaz  drives  disks  guides  howtos  nostalgia 
september 2016 by rubenerd

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