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ERIC - Creating "Invited" Spaces for Counter-Radicalization and Counter-Extremism Education, Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 2017
In this article we present an articulation of how "invited spaces" can foster inclusive and authentic participation and public discourse on issues related to extremism and radicalization. Conversations on these issues that are of crucial importance to the general public are usually held in closed spaces or in spaces that are set up by those in power. Subsequently, we present an account of Symposia on Teaching About Extremism, Terror, and Trauma (TETT), as a transformative invited space in which conversations around extremism, terrorism, radicalization, and counter-radicalization took place with an aim for interchange of ideas between various stakeholders (public, policy makers, researchers, community-based organization [CBOs], nongovernmental organizations [NGOs], and students). We briefly report some of the salient conversations and the questions that come out of these conversations at TETT 2016. Finally, we make an attempt to answer one of these questions: What kind of
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may 2017 by n2teaching
Terrorist Dad was invited by the Democratic Party to Clinton Event
Seddique Mateen said that he was “invited by the Democratic party.” “I am a member, so as a member, I get the invitations. There’s nothing particular about it,” he said.

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NFL Draft 2013: Alabama, Florida, SEC Dominate Invited Players List
The NFL Draft is fast approaching, starting April 25th – April 28th, and the NFL’s announced which of the 300-plus players have been selected to come to the event at Radio City Music Hall. Here’s the list: 1) Ezekiel Ansah DE Brigham Young   13) Barkevious Mingo DE Louisiana State 2) Tavon Austin WR West [...]
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Japanese Festival Percussion 2012 July - YouTube
Japanese Festival Percussion 2012 July, Percussion at a local festival. The dancing is "bon odori" where people form a circle and dance in a pattern around a platform with a drummer, and the percussion tr...
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FENS Forum Symposium and Workshop Proposal
Social Neuroscience of Decision Making and Moral Judgment.
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