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So true! This is why AIF in diligent governance & reporting.
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september 2017 by Varna
IBM invests big in future technology
IBM maps out its new long term goal for the future: to eventually leave traditional microprocessing technologies forever. Big Blue is now ready to for the next big leap, with its recent bold announcement for a project that would push through breakthrough computer technologies. Of course, any big corporate project starts with some funds, and [...]

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IBM  invests  big  in  future  technology 
july 2014 by vrzone
Foursquare Gets $15M And Licensing Deal From Microsoft To Power Location … – TechCrunch
TechCrunchToday, Foursquare is announcing that it has received $15 million in funding as a result of a partnership with Microsoft. The deal will see Foursquare contributing to the Bing platform’s location and context layers on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.Microsoft Invests $15 Million in FoursquareMashableMicrosoft is just the sugar mama Foursquare was looking forVentureBeatMicrosoft […]
IFTTT  Zennie62  tech  deal  Foursquare  Location  funding  Microsoft  Invests  news  Windows  Phone 
february 2014 by zennie62
Justin Bieber invests in up-and-coming social network for teens
One of today’s most famous teenagers has led a $1.1 million seed for an upcoming social network targeted at the younger generation, called Shots of Me. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are quite popular among the younger set. However, it has been reported that Facebook is hemorraging users, especially among teenagers, who are flocking [...]

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Justin  Bieber  invests  in  up-and-coming  social  network  for  teens 
november 2013 by vrzone

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