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Guardian Media Group Ventures
We select assets that will either accelerate or be adjacent and disruptive to GMG's strategy.

We invest in early stage start-ups. At Seed, we aim to have 5% - 10% ownership depending on the valuation. In the following rounds we will invest up to £3 million per round.

GMG Ventures will always look to partner with other leading VCs.

We invest in pre-seed (incubator and accelerator stage) through our partnership with Founders Factory, being its exclusive global media partner.
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22 hours ago by sdp
"מנית העם" - איך למזער נזקים? | פורום הסולידית
הנקודה החשובה - הסיכון שבאחזקת מניות בודדות
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yesterday by yevgenyd
3 Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate
With a variety of ways to invest your money, you may be wondering which investment is most secure with the highest potential returns. You might be surprised to learn how commercial real estate is one of the best ventures.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Kursus: Er din organisation klar til sociale investeringer? - AskovFonden
I AskovFonden har vi arbejdet målrettet med Sociale Investeringer igennem de sidste par år. Vi har indsamlet viden og erfaringer fra vores indsatser, så vi er rustet til det paradigmeskift vi oplever på det sociale område.
Derfor afholder vi nu et endagskursus, som har til formål at hjælpe din organisation med at blive klar til at arbejde med Sociale Investeringer. (09.19.2018)
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2 days ago by SbcmAlumni
Deadline | TV | DR
Debat: Kommer sociale investeringer til at forandre velfærden?
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2 days ago by SbcmAlumni
Prosper | Invest
Prosper is America's first marketplace lending platform. Get a personal loan at a low rate.
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2 days ago by protocreate
Alternative Investments: How It Works | Invest with LendingClub
If you're looking for historically solid returns, consider investing in LendingClub Notes. See why.
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2 days ago by protocreate
Fundrise is the first investment platform to create a simple, low-cost way for anyone to access real estate's historically consistent, exceptional returns. Diversify into real estate today with just $500.
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2 days ago by protocreate

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