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פורקס ומסחר אוטומטי | עמוד 10 | פורום הסולידית
לפני שנדבר על תוחלת 0, מדובר על משחק סכום 0.
ברגע נתון לכל סוחרי הפורקס בעולם יחד יש X שקלים, Y דולרים וZ לירות אוזבקיות.
אחרי יום מסחר, עברו מטבעות בין הסוחרים, אבל סכום ההחזקה של כל הסוחרים נשאר אותו הדבר.
כלומר שאם אנחנו מסתכלים על כולם יחד, סכום הרווחים וההפסדים של כולם הוא 0.

כעת, כדי לנצח במשחק סכום 0, עליך להיות בעל יתרון כלשהו.
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yesterday by yevgenyd
Breaking Up Tech: Indexes doing what the economy won’t
As there appears to be no sign that something is going to happen in the real world to restore any sort of balance to the force, MSCI and S&P Dow Jones Indices (collectively, these two companies comprise the Global Industry Classification Standard or GICS committee) have taken it upon themselves to act. They’re going to spread things out in terms of industry group classification and re-weight the sectors. They’re reclassifying some technology companies as “communications” companies and changing an entire sector’s name from Telecommunications to Communication Services.
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yesterday by yevgenyd
Groundhog Rates – bps and pieces
The next chart is one of my absolute favorites. The solid line below is the actual path of the 10-year Treasury rate since 2008 and the dotted lines represents the interest rate forecasts from the Fed’s Quarterly Survey of Professional Forecasters. If this doesn’t deter you from making rate bets, I don’t know what will…
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yesterday by yevgenyd
The Three-Body Problem - Epsilon Theory
Very important article about chaos and investing. Minimise maximum regret is a good plan.
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4 days ago by traggett
4 Ways to Short the S&P 500 with ETFs - May 27, 2015 -
Investors who are bearish on the stocks for the near term could go short on the S&P 500 index with these ETFs.
5 days ago by kensnyder

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