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Slice Capital - Easily Invest in Startups
Slice Capital allows anyone to invest in startups. Our equity crowdfunding platform provides quality alternative investment opportunities in a sleek and minimalist manner. Invest in startups alongside venture capitalists, private equity firms, and successful angel investors.
23 hours ago by mwean
Days to Cover and Short Squeezes - Tradingsim
market correctly, you would have been able to capitalize on the number of days it would take to flush out all of the weak shorts.

Let’s review another trading example:
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yesterday by badddkattt
Digging deeper: Short interest and stock performance | value and opportunity
lem (besides the volatility) for the short investor. But not for the long investor – low performance and high volatility is something to avoid (well, except, if the price fluctuation is only in upward direction).
investing  shortselling 
yesterday by badddkattt
Watch For Stocks With High Short Interest And Insider Buying
at’s a negative sign (to me).  If one can find a stock that has a high short interest and insider selling, then I think that’s a ‘bad sign’ for the stock.  However, if one has the belief that insiders know much more about a company than the public, then perhaps folks should pay a bit more attention to stocks with a high short interest and some insider buying.
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yesterday by badddkattt

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