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Mutual Funds: Advantages and Disadvantages
Mutual funds are among the most popular investment vehicles. These are the advantages and disadvantages to consider before investing in one.
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22 hours ago by geglover
Lenmo - Lending and borrowing money just got easier
I upvoted Lenmo on Product Hunt: P2P and B2C lending platform at March 22, 2019 at 12:03AM
Product  Hunt  Fintech  Investing 
yesterday by iamthefury
401K Target Date Fund vs Index Fund
Good thread on differences of choosing individual funds vs TDFs. Comments give breakdown of good Fidelity funds to choose for a 3-fund portfolio.
PersonalFinance  Investing 
yesterday by Maurice.hajjar
Approximating Total Stock Market
Boglehead’s wiki article about approximating total stock market with individual index funds.
Investing  PersonalFinance 
yesterday by Maurice.hajjar
Why So Many Investors Missed Nike’s Stock Rebound - Bloomberg
Legendary stock-picker Peter Lynch’s maxim to “buy what you know” has long been misconstrued to mean invest in the everyday products you consume. That’s not quite right, as it only reflects part of his investment strategy. The other half is buying what you have a unique insight into that the market has yet to figure out. Knowing what those things are is the hard part.

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2 days ago by fallond
Starbucks investing $100 million in food, retail tech start-ups | 2019-03-20 | Food Business News
SEATTLE — Starbucks Corp. is investing $100 million in a new venture capital fund established to identify and support start-ups developing technologies, products and solutions relating to food or retail. The fund, Valor Siren Ventures I L.P., managed by private equity investment firm Valor Equity Partners, will seek to raise an additional $300 million in the coming months from other strategic partners and institutional investors. Separately, Starbucks said it plans to explore direct ...
investing  starbucks  business  news  food  venture_capital 
2 days ago by dicewitch

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