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How to intuitively understand eigenvalue and eigenvector?
Eigenvectors are like the roots of a polynomial. They constrain the transformation in particular ways.

If you have a line or plane which is invariant then there is only so much you can do to the surrounding space without breaking the limitations. So in a sense eigenvectors are not important because they themselves are fixed but rather they limit the behavior of the linear transformation. Each eigenvector is like a skewer which helps to hold the linear transformation into place.
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21 days ago by drmeme
I AM medicine bag increases , ability at Crystal Vibrations
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The Leading Brain
Testosterone levels affect risk taking and thrill seeking behaviour, and the levels of stress required to achieve optimal performance.
Sleep deprivation increases emotional override by 60%
Habits can be developed by using existing habits as cues.
Working memory (conscious) can hold 4 things. Unconscious mind holds far more.
Four personality types : Explorer, Director, Negotiator, Builder. Ref neurotransmitters.
Social rejection triggers response very similar to physical pain, reducing planning and concentration abilities.
Painkillers like aspirin are as effective with social rejection pain as with physical pain.
Change your location when changing tasks.
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6 weeks ago by thomasn
How An Algorithm Feels From Inside - Less Wrong
Before you can question your intuitions, you have to realize that what your mind's eye is looking at is an intuition—some cognitive algorithm, as seen from the inside—rather than a direct perception of the Way Things Really Are.
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10 weeks ago by libbymiller
An Intuitive Explanation of Convolutional Neural Networks – the data science blog
What are Convolutional Neural Networks and why are they important? Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets or CNNs) are a category of Neural Networks that have proven very effective in areas such as image recognition and classification. ConvNets have been successful in identifying faces, objects and traffic signs apart from powering vision in robots and self driving cars. Figure 1:…
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