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Intuition behind permutations and combinations – Building VTS
The way I was originally taught permutations and combinations — Here’s the problem and here’s the formula — was very shallow and forgettable. As developers, we’re familiar with tree data structures…
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5 weeks ago by clehene
Dancing with Disruption - Mike Lipkin
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By Mike Lipkin
#1. Become someone who knows.....a secret is a formula or knowledge that is only known to a few. If you own a secret, you have the power to share it so you can turn the few into the many. Secrets are everywhere – hiding in plain sight. The difference between someone who knows and someone who doesn’t is the willingness to do the work, find the information, talk to the people and formulate one’s strategy.
# 2. Have an audacious ambition. If you want to be a disruptor, you can be humble, but you can’t be modest. You have to dream big....dream bigger than anything that gets in its way.
#3. Be simultaneously analytical and creative. There may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap? ...Disruption demands left and right brain firing together. Your intuition may alert you to the opportunity but it’s your intellect that builds your business case. That’s why you need wingmen or women to complement your capacity. Fly social not solo.
#4. Be prolific. The more you lose, the more you win. 1.0 is always imperfect. You will hear the word “no” hundreds of times more than the word “yes.” The best way to get ready is to do things before you’re ready. The best you can do is get it as right as you can the first time and then get better, stronger, smarter. Disruptors try a lot more things than disruptees. They fail fast and they fail forward.
#5. Communicate like magic. If you want to be a disruptor, you must be a great communicator. ... the right words generate oxytocin – the love hormone, whereas the wrong words generate cortisol, the stress hormone. .... tell your story in a way that opens people’s hearts, minds and wallets to you.
#6. Be a talent magnet. Disruption demands the boldest and brightest partners....The best talent goes where it earns the highest return. Reputation is everything.
#7. Play like a champion today. Disruptors may not always play at their best but they play their best every day. They bring their A-Game no matter who they’re feel their intensity and passion. Everything matters. There is no such thing as small. They’re all in, all the time.
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april 2017 by jerryking
Can We Turn Our Intuition Into a Real-Life Superpower? - Motherboard
US military scientists are trying to quantify where "gut feelings" come from to try and create the perfect soldiers. But their research could make all of us better at our jobs.
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march 2017 by jorgebarba

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