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Welcome to How to Python! — How to Python!
This guide exists to teach you the very basics of how to effectively use Python and its tooling, as a programming language.
python  introduction  tools  Kenneth  Reitz 
2 days ago by gdw
Ron Pressler - The Practice and Theory of TLA+ - YouTube
Ron is a profilic writer and speaker and I'm sure we'll hear more and more from him. He has vast knowledge of many topics and deep understanding of theory and concepts. Luckily for us, in this talk he's going to talk out loud the TLA+ on the screen, making the syntax much easier to follow. My feelings about TLA+ are still mixed. I'm pretty sure it's a powerful approach, but I'd rather still use the same concept in a language I know already instead to learn another one. I'm also unsure how a formally correct proof in TLA+ can be translated to a program being sure nothing is lost in translation. What gives me confidence that what is proved correctly on the TLA+ side is translated correctly on the implementation side? I'm a novice in the field, so pretty possibly I'm missing something big. This article (about 1 hour reading time) does a great job introducing the context of TLA+, why it is designed the way it is, why it is used.
formalmethod  verification  tlaplus  introduction 
4 days ago by reborg
PechaKucha: de droom van ieder publiek | The Floor is Yours
Een wereld zonder saaie PowerPointpresentaties? Soms lijkt het nog makkelijker om de klimaatverandering tegen te gaan, dan om sprekers goed te leren presenteren. Gelukkig is er een methode die bijna altijd sterke presentaties oplevert: PechaKucha. In de volgende video toon ik je hoe het werkt. In Venetië mocht ik 21 onderzoekers uit de hele wereld…
pechakucha  introduction 
5 days ago by arnoldn
Beginner's Guide to Rust: Get to know Rust
RT @developerWorks: New Article: Beginner's Guide to Rust~A compiled alternative to C and C++ #rust
Rust  introduction  tutorial 
5 days ago by chemacortes
What is JSON? An Introduction and Guide for Beginners
1st para: If you’re new to web development and have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and possibly a little bit of JavaScript, a practical area in which to expand your front-end skills is JSON.
from the Web Tools newsletter guy, Louis Lazaris
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  json  guide  introduction  js  javascript  script  object  notation 
6 days ago by piperh

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