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Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure Scuttlebutt – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Scuttlebutt is a free and open source social network with unique offline-first and peer-to-peer properties. Mainstream closed platforms have become a more popular way of creating and consuming content than ...
ssb  intro  dweb  decentralization  social  feeds  scuttlebutt  socialmedia  p2p  protocol  webdev 
19 hours ago by orlin
DD2018: Adam Sawicki - Porting your engine to Vulkan or DX12 - YouTube

Great tips on Vulkan. Really like the format of "Bad/better/best" ways to do things, where naive solution (bad) gets you up and running, "better" is what you're probably doing in a ported engine, and best is what you should do.
DigitalDragons18  Vulkan  intro 
6 days ago by MemoryStomp

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