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A Road to Common Lisp / Steve Losh
A getting started guide to common lisp and its tooling
lisp  common-lisp  intro  tutorials  howto 
6 days ago by dangeranger
Watch and learn: Kubernetes and GKE for developers | Google Cloud Blog
Enterprises large and small rely on Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), but it’s developers that interact with it, day in and day out. If you’re
gcp  kubernetes  gke  learning  education  beginner  intro  introduction 
9 days ago by pinterb
danyspin97's site - Getting started with execline scripting
Engineering student. OpenSource contributor. Linux enthusiast. Exherbo user. Terminal lover. Avid music listener.
shell  cli  scripting  language  intro  unix 
10 days ago by gilberto5757
Data Classes are The Best Kotlin Feature | TechYourChance
In this post I share my thoughts about Data Classes, which I consider to be the best Kotlin feature. Not because Data Classes spare lines of code, but because this construct has the potential to fix a long standing misconception about object-oriented design.
dataclass  kotlin  intro 
12 days ago by gilberto5757
Learning Python: From Zero to Hero –
For me, the first reason to learn Python was that it is, in fact, a beautiful programming language. It was really natural to code in it and express my thoughts. Another reason was that we can use…
python  learning  tutorial  programming  Howto  intro 
17 days ago by gilberto5757

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