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Künstliche Intelligenz im Unternehmen: Brauchen wir bald überhaupt noch ein Intranet? - Nachrichten, Tipps & Anleitungen für Agile, Entwicklung, Atlassian Software (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, ...) und //SEIBERT/MEDIA
Seit etwa zwei Jahren bewegt ein Thema zunehmend Menschen und auch Organisationen: Künstliche Intelligenz (im Deutschen gerne abgekürzt mit KI, im Englischen bezeichnet als Artificial Intelligence oder kurz AI). Oft assoziieren Verbraucher damit zunächst Systeme wie Siri, Alexa oder Cortana.
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6 days ago by fwhamm
Stripe Home
Under the hood, Home is built on the same technology as our user-facing products (such as the Dashboard) because we wanted to make it easy to move between developing user-facing and internally-facing products. This has made Home a favorite for new Stripes’ spin-up projects and a popular go-to for Hackathon projects. The search feature described was built by a new class of Stripes as their very first project and office pages were built at our most recent hackathon.

Home is such an important part of how we work together and stay connected; it remains a work in progress along with Stripe as a whole. We’re still figuring out how to balance transparency with information overload, serendipity with curated content, and crisp interfaces and team boundaries with the actual human part that makes the company what it is. Our next projects are all about evolving knowledge discovery: from team pages that weave the individuals, metrics, and our users together to a better way to browse and publish information.
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6 days ago by heliostatic
Spectrum Chat
Online instant messaging platform to support communities. Publically shared ones are are for free, without ads and they promise not to sell personal data.

Extra moderator seats, private channels / intranet and high-level analytics / reports at cost.

Positions themselves as faster, more quality-oriented Reddit competitor.

Based on a Nodejs / React / Redis stack:

RethinkDB: Data storage
Redis: Background jobs and caching
GraphQL: API, powered by the entire Apollo toolchain
Flowtype: Type-safe JavaScript
PassportJS: Authentication
React: Frontend and mobile apps
Expo: Mobile apps
DraftJS: WYSIWYG writing experience on the web

- Shortterm > Desktop & Mobile app
- Midterm > Public API, Custom Domain
- Longterm > SSO, Identity API

Based in San Francisco / California and affiliated with progressive serverless hosting company

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17 days ago by eocas
HumHub - The flexible Open Source Social Network Kit for Collaboration
HumHub is a free social network software and framework built to give you the tools to make teamwork easy and successful.
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4 weeks ago by denisbertrand
An intranet needs to be managed as a product, not a series of projects
We all know how hard it can be to get the funding needed to improve your intranet or digital workplace. Each year, a businesses case is required, which may be a lengthy and painful document to complete.
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5 weeks ago by fwhamm
Wie sich die Rolle des Intranets verändern wird - Communardo Software GmbH
Das Intranet befindet sich im ständigen Wandel. 2004 startete bei vielen Unternehmen die Intranet-Ära mit einer redaktionell geführten Plattform, die zumeist durch Top-Down Informationen der Unternehmensredaktion gespeist wurde.
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7 weeks ago by fwhamm
Seven ways to make intranet governance less scary
Governance is a word that looms large in the intranet and digital workplace world, and a topic that we’ve covered numerous times. It’s also a concept that some teams struggle with and can even find intimidating.
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7 weeks ago by fwhamm
University Mental Health Day: Events and activities on 1 March
University Mental Health Day: Events and activities on 1 March
28 February 2018

University Mental Health Day is a national campaign that focuses efforts on promoting the mental health of people who work and study in Higher Education settings.

The Open University are proud to be supporting this day which is taking place on Thursday 1 March 2018. This year's theme is community and so in order to support the cultivation of a positive mental health community and with support from the OU Students Association, the Graduate School and Human Resources, a number of events and activities have been planned across campus for students and staff, in order to promote mental health and wellbeing.

OU Students Association

There are four ways that #OUstudents can get involved in the OU Students Association activities on #UniMentalHealthDay
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8 weeks ago by ndf

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