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10 Best Intranets of 2018: Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual
Following are the organizations with the 10 best-designed intranets for 2018: American Medical Association (US), a national organization providing resources for physicians, residents, and medical students Archer Malmo (US), one of the largest independently owned full-service advertising agencies in
6 days ago by fwhamm
Why Small Businesses Need Office Intranet? – Upteamist Blog – Medium
You are an outstanding manager running your team very well. However, you think your performance can be better if some of the obstacles can be overcome. One of them is failure in exchanging information.
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6 days ago by fwhamm
Social Intranet: Die unterschätzte Macht der Vernetzung | Führung erfahren!
In vielen Organisationen gibt es inzwischen ein Social Intranet. Weil man das so macht und weil gerade die jüngeren Mitarbeiter mit Social Media vertraut sind und diese Kommunikation schätzen und verlangen.
6 days ago by fwhamm
16 Must Have Tools of a Content Management System -
Summary:  A content management system goes far beyond simple document storage. Check your intranet toolbox to make sure your organization’s document management software has your team set up for success.
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6 days ago by fwhamm
J. Boye - How to form trust in the digital workplace
When people ask me what in my experience is the biggest barrier to innovation in our workplaces, it almost always falls back to workplace fears: Fears about expectations, fears of being seen, fears about making a mistake.
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6 days ago by fwhamm
Bad Icons: How to Identify and Improve Them
Sets of bad icons are very common on intranets. In fact, unhelpful sets of icons appear on most intranets I have seen. As an example, I just looked at this year’s Intranet Design Annual submissions. I excluded the ten winners and opened 20 other homepages at random.
6 days ago by fwhamm
How to Map Your Business Requirements to Your Intranet Platform | elcom
What’s the main purpose of the project – is it to enable better communications, to speed up transactional processes, facilitate knowledge sharing and elearning?
How will staff use the intranet to achieve the intended goals – what tools and applications will be implemented, will staff have access to knowledge banks, will content creators only add to the latter, who will have governance?
What tools are available to ensure success – how will the chosen tools and applications be received by staff, will there need to be additional training implemented so that staff can use tools?
What legacy equipment will have to be accounted for – will new tools be compatible with legacy IT equipment, what measures will have to be put into place to overcome any technical challenges?
How will existing content assets be migrated – “lift and shift” is an inadequate strategy and thought should be given to how content will be organised, edited, archived and deleted.
What consideration will be given to mobility – will parts of the intranet be made responsive, what content/access will be served to mobile users and why?
10 days ago by stacker
Intranet Requirements and Fundamentals
It is critical for an organization to effectively capture, manage, and share knowledge that its people create. It is a never ending process of transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. That process provides organizations with the ability to learn from past experiences and address tomorrow’s challenges without repeating mistakes of the past.
10 days ago by stacker
Was digitale Zusammenarbeitskultur und Social-Intranet-Projekte mit der modernen Naturwissenschaft gemeinsam haben - Nachrichten, Tipps & Anleitungen für Agile, Entwicklung, Atlassian Software (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, ...) und //SEIBERT/MEDIA
Isaac Newton war womöglich kein besonders umgänglicher Zeitgenosse, aber sicherlich einer der genialsten Köpfe der Menschheitsgeschichte und der Begründer dessen, was wir heute als moderne Naturwissenschaft kennen.
14 days ago by fwhamm
RT : I just signed up for the event in Copenhagen, and look forward to meeting and…
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18 days ago by kristiannorling
CUNY SPS Intranet - Login
Intranet for (a school of the City University of New York)
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4 weeks ago by tomd
Intranets Are Dead. Long Live the Modern Workplace | Sharegate
My first introduction to SharePoint must have been in 2008, when I started a new job as a consultant. The company I worked for just started selling Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to various customers. To be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight.
4 weeks ago by fwhamm
Launch Office 365 in Waves
Office 365 offers great functionality, but that functionality can overwhelm employees if rolled out all at once. A staggered approach allows employees to get comfortable with one tool before taking on another Office 365 offers many possibilities for organizations.
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5 weeks ago by fwhamm

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