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How Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks about design and privacy (Fast Company)
Небольшое интервью с главой Google Sundar Pichai, в котором есть немного деталей об устройстве дизайна в компании. Негусто, но полезно от человека у руля.
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1 hour ago by jvetrau
Hiring someone new? 29 questions to ask during a reference call
Over the years, after talking extensively with other CEOs and managers who’d spent years (or even decades) hiring folks, learning from my own trial and error, and pulling from the knowledge of our almost 1,000 members at The Watercooler (our online leadership community) — I’ve assembled a list of questions for a candidate’s references.
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3 days ago by mhick
Build DevOps Teams, Start Your Digital Transformation
"Within the team structures, relegating tasks in ways that better make use of team members’ experience is beneficial, PagerDuty’s Stratton said. Traditionally, for example, senior developers and engineers have often been in charge of developing new software features while the junior staff has been tasked with bug fixes. However, it is the senior team members who likely have the experience to better understand the entire system that fixes often require. “Maybe as a senior engineer it is not as interesting to troubleshoot,” Stratton said. “But having experience gives you that understanding of how the system is built.”
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3 days ago by jonerp
I know why rejection emails suck. I write them.
In this employee-friendly market, lots of things about the hiring process have changed to accommodate candidates. But companies don’t seem interested in the goodwill they could earn by giving honest, individual feedback. I work at Triplebyte, and over the last year I’ve written over 3,000 detailed, individual rejection emails. When I started, I wondered why no one else did this. Now, I think I know.
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4 days ago by tedw
17 Ways to Ace Your Next Phone Interview And Land the Job You Deserve
A phone interview can never be underestimated. Here're 17 important tips to help you ace your next phone interview and land the job you deserve.
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4 days ago by kger

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