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Pen Transmissions
PEN Transmissions is a new online zine dedicated to international writing and a digital home for some of the best writers from around the world.

Each month PEN Transmissions will bring you a brand new issue packed with original writing and interviews.

PEN Transmissions is brought to you by English PEN. We are a charity that promotes the freedom to write and the freedom to read.

The writers published on PEN Transmissions don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or values of English PEN.
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5 days ago by stjp
«Мы стараемся комплексно развивать дизайн-культуру в компании» (Среда Обучения)
Александра Ермоленко из Rambler Group рассказывает о том, как устроена дизайн-команда в компании.
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6 days ago by jvetrau
Sandra Oh on Her Historic Emmy Nomination for ‘Killing Eve’ - The New York Times
You want to know what? Let’s celebrate it, man. I’m serious, just [expletive] celebrate it. It’s like, we’ve got to start somewhere, we’ve got to start somewhere. And I’m happy to get that ball rolling.

But I am absolutely aware of the significance and take it very seriously because we need it. Not only just for my community — and hopefully what that means to be represented and seen — but also for culture. We’re a part of it. Let us not only see ourselves, but let others see us.
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6 days ago by yolandaenoch

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