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11 essential characteristics for being a good technical advocate or interviewer - Scott Hanselman
Here's the 11 herbs and spices that are needed for a great technical talk, a good episode of a podcast or show, or a decent career talking and teaching about tech.
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8 days ago by dlb
Training Methods of Listening-Based Journalistic Questioning: Journalism Practice: Vol 12, No 7
The study introduces the pedagogy of listening-based questioning training (LBJQ) for journalism students and journalists. The approach provides basic training and is somewhat different from the usual interview training as LBJQ focuses on training in basic skills: listening and reflective responding skills, as well as the ability to use different types of questions efficiently. The aim of the exercises is to help the journalist to get the most precise information possible from people with various social skills and styles. The article explains theoretical approaches and provides sample exercises for trainers and journalists.
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11 days ago by paulbradshaw
Why Altruism Is The Ace To Get Your Dream Design Job — Smashing Magazine
Getting your dream job is not too complicated but it will take effort. This article may be the last obstacle that stands between you and your next dream job.
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21 days ago by matthillco

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