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The Mental Benefits of Vacationing Somewhere New
After my recent travel experience, I started to approach the hiring practices for my Well-Being Laboratory differently. I still ask the single best interview question that predicts future job performance: “How much do you know about our research group?” But now I also ask more-unusual questions, such as: “If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be and why?,” “What do people never ask you about your childhood that you wish they did?,” and “What beliefs do you hold that are unusual?” I follow up by asking whether and how those experiences have influenced their thinking and behavior. This isn’t just for fun. I want to dive deep into candidates’ cultural experiences to determine whether they might offer a new vantage point that could increase our collective creativity and provide value. At the minimum, rich, meaningful interactions occur. At the maximum, our team gets stronger and wiser.
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