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Andreessen Horowitz's Spin Master Built Silicon Valley As You Know It | WIRED
For two and a half decades Margit Wennmachers has quietly shaped the public image of Silicon Valley. Now Andreessen Horowitz’s spin master reckons with the era of big tech.
MargitWennmachers  profile  interview  AndreessenHorovitz  venturecapital  publicrelations  SiliconValley  Wired  2018 
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Books to Get Your Customer Interviewing Practice Up and Running
After my workshops on Customer Interviewing I’m often asked which books I would recommend for further reading. I always advocate practice as the best way to improve — but these should help you get up…
design  research  books  interview 
yesterday by seralat
A perfect guide for cracking a JavaScript interview (A developer’s perspective)
The JavaScript(JS) interviews are not easy. I accept it, you accept it and, everyone does. The number of possibilities of questions could be asked in a JavaScript interview are high. How one will be…
javascript  interview  advice  development 
yesterday by berberich
The Sonic IDs | Atlantic Public Media
APM helps create the “Sonic IDs,” short portraits and stories that weave the broadcast day of WCAI with the voices, sounds and stories of our region. Below are just a few IDs we have featured to date.
documentary  sound  interview  audio 
yesterday by andrewn
Hacker erklären, welche Messenger-App am sichersten ist - Motherboard
WhatsApp, Signal oder Telegram versprechen heutzutage vor allem eines: sichere Kommunikation. Doch wie unterscheiden sich die Apps und worauf muss man als Nutzer achten? Zwei Messenger-Forscher klären auf.
apps  mobile  messaging  whatsapp  telegram  security  hacking  interview 
yesterday by SimonHurtz
Benchmarking algorithms to visit all values in an array in random order – Daniel Lemire's blog
Benchmarking algorithms to visit all values in an array in random order - Added September 26, 2017 at 02:21PM
algorithms  interview  read2of 
yesterday by xenocid
Pinch moment for Veruca Salt
It's been 24 years since Chicago's alternative rockers Veruca Salt released their debut American Thighs – an album defined by lilting harmonies, post-grunge grunt and Nina Gordon and Louise Post powering out front on guitar.
The band broke up in 1998 and reformed in 2013, returning to the studio for Ghost Notes, released in 2015.
music  veruca_salt  interview  australia 
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