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Trent Reznor, In Conversation
People hailed Radiohead and Louis CK as pioneering a direct to consumer approach. Turns out, nope, people don't want to pay for anything.

We call this a post-ownership world, yet everyone complains about subscription fees. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe 30,000 downloads occurred in the next week and less than 20 percent were paid for. I thought that second number would be higher. At the time, I felt I was making a genuine offer, worded simply and confrontationally, for something I thought had genuine value. So I was bummed out by the result. It took the wind out of my sails as far as thinking of direct-to-customer as a sustainable business for a musician.
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Meet The Paleobiologist Who Inspired Jurassic Park
George Poinar, Jr.’s lifelong obsession with amber has led to remarkable discoveries of ancient specimens.
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"Los efectos de dosis pequeñas de radiactividad durante mucho tiempo son poco conocidos"
La Universidad de Salamanca cuenta con el Laboratorio de Radiaciones Ionizantes, que mide la radiactividad natural y que dirige Begoña Quintana, compañera de Francisco Fernández en el Departamento de Física Fundamental. "En Salamanca hay radiactividad natural por las características geológicas del suelo, ya que hay minas de uranio y el uranio la produce", comenta el experto. Por eso, hay un programa del Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear que está desarrollado por universidades de toda España que controla la radiactividad natural, un control exigido por la Unión Europea. "No es un sistema de alarma, sino que se filtra el aire durante una semana y se recogen los datos, pero hay otras instalaciones en las que se realiza la medición de forma instantánea", apunta. Esta medición de la radiactividad ambiental se realiza desde 1991 y nunca se han detectado anomalías.
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Why Rashida Jones Changed Her Mind About Porn - The New York Times
I believe in individuality and the freedom to express yourself however you want, but don’t all the ways we perform our sexuality all look the same? It seems harder to express your individual sexual or emotional needs when you feel like you have to perform for other people. Look, this could be my age talking, but it’s something I want to keep talking about, as opposed to just accepting that the only way to feel sexy about myself is to post a duck-lips selfie to Instagram.
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Trent Reznor, In Conversation
"Growing up, I didn’t know what Pink FloydLegendary and enigmatic British rock group best known for their 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon. looked like and I didn’t need to know. In my mind, they looked like fucking wizards, man."
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Keeping Place
Radio interview with Jen Michel
Jen-Michel  Michel-KP  radio  interview  KC 
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Philosophy Time
Join multi-talented actor/director/poet/too much other stuff to list James Franco and the not at all multi-talented Eliot Michaelson as they take you on a tour of contemporary philosophy. With special guests.
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