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The Old Reader: behind the scenes - Reader Profile: Seth Godin
Seth Godin has been one of the most influential people on the web for at least 20 years. In 1999, his book Permission Marketing redefined digital marketing. 17 books and 7,100-plus blog posts later, he remains one of the most thoughtful and interesting writers about how humans communicate and connect in the modern age. It’s especially impressive because he largely eschews social media and remains committed to blogging and book publishing. Though his blogging has gone from a superhuman five posts a day to a merely heroic once a day, he remains one of our favorite writers. We asked him about where inspiration comes from, how modern marketers have abused his ideas, and where the next Seth Godin might come from.
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Shane Parrish: Make it a little less about luck every day - GrowthLab
I want to spend time doing things that are first order negative and second order positive because I know that not a lot of people are willing to do that. For example, taking time out of your day to read and learn makes you different than other people. It slows you down in the short term but pays dividends in the long term. I want to do as many of those things as I can.
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Looking beyond The Lean Startup with Steve Blank
Blank explains how customer development, the business model canvas, and agile development are tied together. He also explains why interviews are so important.
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yesterday by jeromekatz
Richard Stallman, RMS, on Privacy, Data, and Free Software
Richard Stallman, a.k.a. rms, discusses free software, data collection, privacy, and why he won’t use cash when he goes shopping.
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Critical Alignment Yoga
Interview with Gert van Leeuwen
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yesterday by mirthe
Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
Amy Simpson on Faith Radio Network's "Live the Promise"
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