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How To Do Intersectionality
In domestic violence policy and practice, for example, feminists insisted that violence affects all women equally to prevent domestic abuse from being dismissed as a minority problem. “All women” were actually White, middle class women; policies created to address domestic violence assumed access to services that poor women of color did not have. Some battered women’s shelters required residents to participate in group therapy sessions, but monolingual Spanish-speaking immigrant women could not comply. The 1986 Marriage Fraud Amendment required immigrants to be married for two full years before applying for permanent residency. That rule created a barrier to reporting abuse and accessing resources – caught between the threat of violence and the threat of deportation, many immigrant women chose the violence. These policies and practices were created without an intersectional analysis.
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6 days ago by Quercki
How to Change Your Conversations About Cultural Appropriation — James Mendez Hodes
Really good summary. Hard to tease apart all the layers of privilege in some cases, but safe to say I'm always the adopter outside of my own immediate culture.
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15 days ago by UltraNurd
Intersectionality, explained: meet Kimberlé Crenshaw, who coined the term - Vox
For three decades "intersectionality" was a relatively obscure legal concept. Then it went viral.
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17 days ago by telemachus
Why Does Sickness Feel So Isolating When Everyone is Sick?
What would it feel like to be healthy, I wonder, if our health wasn’t tied to optimizing our potential to endlessly labor?

Once you’ve been sick, and you begin to understand your sickness is inextricable from the world, it’s hard not to become a communist.
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25 days ago by rita
My So-Karen Life - The New York Times
“All our teachers were Jeans, and the Jeans loved the Karens of course, for their neat, sexy cursive and their indifference to pedagogy. “Why is our state bird the chickadee?” I wanted to know. “Why not the robin, or the blue jay, or the sea gull? Why, in fact, not the mallard duck?”

Karens never asked why we had to memorize all the state birds. They just did it. If Karens were a state, their motto would be “Because.””

“You know how Karens are because we live on Planet Karen.”
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As the decade begins to draw to a close & despite & the dismisal of binaries across the…
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