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ink - inkle's narrative scripting language
As used to author 80 Days and Sorcery!: produce interactive scripts by writing in pure-text with ink markup.
engine  fiction  game  interactive  adventure  if  interpreter  bot  chat  interaktiv 
6 days ago by tranqy
ink - inkle's narrative scripting language
The powerful scripting language behind 80 Days and Sorcery!
engine  fiction  adventure  game  if  interactive  interpreter 
9 days ago by kybernetikos
Understanding V8’s Bytecode – DailyJS – Medium
un blog post d'une employée de Google expliquant Ignition, l'interpreteur Javascript de V8
v8  bytecode  interpreter  ignition 
4 weeks ago by lucasg
google/skylark: Skylark in Go: the Skylark configuration language, implemented in Go
skylark - Skylark in Go: the Skylark configuration language, implemented in Go
golang  skylark  interpreter  config 
4 weeks ago by geetarista

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