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TMore Power, Less Power : How to Improve the Life of your IoT System
In this article we look at three ways to improve the lifetime of wireless IoT devices:

Increase the power supply by using larger batteries.
Decrease the power consumption by being smarter in using the available energy.
Continuously supply power.

Depending on the situation, different trade-offs are needed. But being smart about power always pays off in the end.
power  energy  iot  internetofthings  battery  lowpower 
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Branium : End to end IoT solution to deliver AI and Security at the edge
Brainium architecture has been developed at 3 Software levels (embedded, gateway and Cloud). This architecture applies to Brainium on-line portal and is also the same for Insdustrial Customers that will use the platform through sandox for their IoT projects.
iot  internetofthings  paas  cloud  online  framework  ai 
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IoT Cellular Network Connectivity and IoT & M2M Sim Card Provider | Soracom
10,000+ businesses around the world use Soracom IoT cellular connectivity to connect their IoT & M2M devices to the cloud.
cellular  wireless  iot  internetofthings  communications 
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Distributed Computer Vision Software & Raspberry Pis to help manage a farm
This repository is a collection of Python programs and Raspberry Pi hardware projects to help manage a small urban permaculture farm called Yin Yang Ranch. The 2 acre farm is an ongoing science project to build living soil, capture rain in barrels, and grow a variety of plants and fruit trees that can feed birds, bees, butterflies and people. We are in Southern California about 10 miles from the Malibu coast.
github  permaculture  automation  farming  iot  internetofthings  raspberrypi  sensors  distributed 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
An interview with Jeff Bass, creator of ImageZMQ - PyImageSearch
Earlier this week I shared a tutorial on using OpenCV to stream live video over a network via ImageZMQ — and today I’m pleased to share an interview with Jeff Bass, the creator of ImageZMQ!

Jeff has over 40 years experience hacking with computers and electronics — and now he’s applying computer vision + Raspberry Pis to his permaculture farm
python  iot  internetofthings  raspberrypi  environmental  monitoring  imageprocessing  opencv 
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RT : Funny "screenshot" predicts how wonderful the will be. Source:
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RT : This little chip could change the way we think about gesture recognition
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RT : The is coming at us fast with billions of more devices that will require regular updating. It’s t…
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YodaOS: A modern OS for Node.js community – Yorkie Neil – Medium
It holds the Rokid’s technical resource on artificial intelligence and voice user interface fields for past 4 years, and select the Node.js as the first-class programming language, all is open to community. For nowadays cheaper mobile phones, Android developers hardly have to worry about performance. However, for smart speaker, IoT edge and other embedded devices, hardware resources are usually very scarce. In this case, the OS solves the problem of “saving resources and better experience to develop”.
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