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openBalena : Open source software to manage connected IoT devices
Use our building blocks to host your own device deployment and management server.
iot  opensource  platform  api  internetofthings  cloud  saas  paas  crossplatform 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
AWS IoT 1-Click Overview - One click creation of an AWS Lambda trigger for any device
AWS IoT 1-Click is a service that enables simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that can execute an action. AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices enable you to easily perform actions such as notifying technical support, tracking assets, and replenishing goods or services. AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices are ready for use right out of the box and eliminate the need for writing your own firmware or configuring them for secure connectivity.
iot  aws  internetofthings  amazon  1click  button 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Amazon Dash @ Hackaday
The availability of cheap radios, omni-present WiFi and powerful web services means the IoT wave is here to stay. Amazon got into the act with its “do only one thing” Dash button. But a more interesting solution would be an IoT “do it all” button.
hackaday  button  1btn  iot  internetofthings 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
The smart mirror: Is our reflection the only thing that can distract us from the internet?
Which is why it’s even more intriguing that we seem reasonably ready and willing to share the real estate of the mirror with the internet. The definition of a smart mirror is still pretty loose. Some proclaim themselves smart with variable LED lighting so that women can apply make-up correctly, others say smart when there’s a voice assistant, or – most sci-fi of all – smartphone-style graphics and icons on a mirrored display where reflection comes second.
mirror  internetofthings  iot 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
The alternative smart home hubs and controllers you need to know about
Alongside apps and platforms like IFTTT, Stringify and Yonomi, though, we've seen a rise in new hubs and controllers over the past 12 months. On crowdfunding sites, from accessory makers, startups and elsewhere, we're seeing new forms and new ways of interacting with the home. You might not have heard of them but they all have something interesting to offer.
homeautomation  ifttt  automation  iot  internetofthings  hub  controller 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
LifePod - Giving Voice to Caregivers
LifePod is the only proactive voice service designed to improve the quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones by monitoring and supporting their daily routines to help them thrive as they age-in-place. Offering a personalized, voice-enabled service built on top of popular smart-speaker technology, LifePod proactively assists family members and caregivers
lifepod  iot  internetofthings  speaker  service  online  mobile 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx
Domino's Pizza + IFTTT
Set up almost anything to automatically trigger your Domino’s order

ifttt  iot  internetofthings  inspiration  food 
13 days ago by Shoord
Send WiFi credentials over audio to a "thing"
There is a piece of Javascript code in a browser into which you enter your WiFi credentials, which are then expressed through the speaker as a set of FSK tones to be picked up by a microphone on the Thing. They can then be decoded into the credentials, and the Thing can connect.
github  audio  wifi  sysadmin  password  iot  internetofthings 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Speak Your WiFi | Hackaday
When you create a Thing for the Internet of Things, you’ve made a little computer that does a simple job and which probably has a minimal interface. But minimal interfaces leave little room for configuration, such as entering WiFi details. So, how to put end-user WiFi credentials easily on more than one Thing? Perhaps [Rob Dobson] has the answer with his technique of sending them as a sequence of audible tones. There is a piece of Javascript code in a browser into which you enter your WiFi credentials, which are then expressed through the speaker as a set of FSK tones to be picked up by a microphone on the Thing.
hackaday  wifi  sysadmin  password  iot  internetofthings 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Mezzo - informed consent for IoT @
Mezzo is a connected device meant for the threshold of your house - this device presents your guests with an easy-to-understand summary of the listening, seeing, and data-collection systems at use in your home. Further, the device provides an interface for your guests to temporarily disable those systems as they wish - once the guest has gone, the device restores default functionality to the host's systems.
iot  ethics  privacy  internetofthings  hackaday  project  security 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Gutters To Gardens: The IoT Rain Barrel | Hackaday
For his Hackaday Prize entry, [Kent] has solved at least one of these problems. It’s an Internet of Things rain barrel. It’s designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone can set it up in just a few hours, and there’s also an option to make this rain barrel solar powered, making it eminently sustainable.
hackaday  rainbarrel  water  internetofthings  iot  gardening 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Five Myths of Indie Manufacturing
A nice talk from Adrian at Making It (which I was too ill to attend, annoyingly). In particular, good at covering the _middle_ of things: small-to-medium enterprise, small-to-medium-term companies, manufacturing between "China" or "hyperlocal".
manufacturing  innovation  internetofthings  via:infovore 
15 days ago by Vincennes
This Thermometer Tells Your Temperature, Then Tells Firms Where to Advertise - The New York Times
“Kinsa sells its data to other companies under the name Kinsa Insights. While Mr. Singh declined to share the names of other customers, citing confidentiality agreements, he said other companies had used the data to target advertising.”
“I can just think of how cigarette and alcohol companies could use strategies like this, or other industries that could really have more harmful effects on people,” [Christine Bannan, the consumer protection counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center] said.
iot  ads  advertising  privacy  tracking  profiling  internetofthings  indie  radar  thermometer 
16 days ago by laurakalbag
Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click.
app  iot  nodejs  programming  raspberrypi  internetofthings 
17 days ago by renalid

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