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PHPoC: a programming language and an IoT hardware platform.
PHPoC is a programming language developed based on widely-used PHP language, that makes it become not only a Web development language but also the general-purpose programming language for IoT. The syntax is almost the same as PHP, but adapted for the embedded system. PHPoC inherits almost core functions from PHP. Especially, PHPoC adds new functions, which are used to interact with hardware peripherals such as I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, TIMER/COUNTER, RTC and so on.
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10 days ago by cyberchucktx
acquires SpaceTime Insight, adding to its business
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13 days ago by body-tech23
Home – Project Haystack
Project Haystack is an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things. We standardize semantic data models and web services with the goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate our homes, buildings, factories, and cities.
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14 days ago by dunc
Brick Schema
Brick is an open-source, BSD-licensed development effort to create a uniform schema for representing metadata in buildings.
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14 days ago by dunc
Mango Mirror - Reflect your best life!
A Wall Mirror with integrated Screen, which shows different information
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20 days ago by mourique

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