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How Google Rediscovered the 19th Century - The Conversation - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Eliot’s unforgettable account in Middlemarch of the monomaniacal provincial scholar Edward Casaubon, toiling away at Key to All Mythologies, was only thinly veiled fiction.
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july 2013 by marmolubio
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
RT : The 's Wayback Machine is one of the most important long-term endeavours of the web, and a true gift
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july 2013 by jubois
Index of /~georgeo/
Here's a link to all my design work (or, most of it) from my time at the Internet Archive.
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july 2013 by george08
Real names and the Home Office consultation summary on ID cards
A beautiful example of how the idea that individuals have one (and only one) "real name" is a nonsense.
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july 2013 by owenblacker
Internet Archive on Vimeo
The Internet Archive and its physical spaces are mind-boggling
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july 2013 by andylobban
What It's Like to Get a National-Security Letter : The New Yorker #8f43ad64f1f5d5276769907bf6f4a607
The Internet Archive has the fortune of having really good ties to the A.C.L.U. and the E.F.F. Can you imagine if you’re some small company, or some small library? What do you do?

But the Internet Archive works closely with the National Archives and with the Library of Congress. What are they going to think? What does it mean, to sue the United States government? So we sued, and had to do it very fast, because the lawyers had to do it by the document-demand date. They filed suit, and then the government very quickly said that they wanted out. They didn’t need this information after all.
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june 2013 by straup
Internet Credit Union
"The Internet Archive now has a Credit Union." Despite the lofty title, this credit union doesn't seem Internet-specific in any way.
banking  creditunion  internetarchive  from twitter_favs
june 2013 by npdoty
The latch key of my bookhouse : Miller, Olive Beaupré, ed : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
"This books is being used for tests in data processing and comparing results. The original scan was done on a beta release of the Scribe station that uses Canon 1ds MarkII cameras to produce cr2 RAW files. These are then processed into the jp2 files. There are now multiple PDF files that can be used to see the differences in different processing approaches."
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may 2013 by ariddell

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