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The truth has got its boots on: what the evidence says about Mr. Damore’s Google memo
It’s funny, but despite being largely written by women interested in gender equality, many of the reviews I have linked include sections about ways in which these unequal expectations harm men. For example, the workplace backlash review I cited above includes a section pointing out that men who are more interested in focusing on communal coalition building in the workplace than competitive interaction are penalized, as are men who show proficiency in any skills that seem just a hair too feminine.⁸⁰ Scientists who work on gender from a feminist perspective are in no way hurting men by seeking to dismantle structural inequality, because the existing structural inequalities also hurt many men, as well as many people who identify as neither men nor women.
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Bury My Heart at W. H. Smith's | MetaFilter
I just starred Bury My Heart at W. H. Smith's on Inoreader
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When the money runs out | The Outline
I just starred When the money runs out on Inoreader
yesterday by ninthart To Treat Online Abuse as Seriously as Hate Crime in Real Life - Slashdot
The UK's Crown Prosecution Service has pledged to tackle online abuse with the same seriousness as it does hate crimes committed in the flesh. From a report: Following public concern about the increasing amount of racist, anti-religious, homophobic and transphobic attacks on social media, the CPS ha...
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Turris Omnia
Home router is necessary to connect you to the Internet but it is idle most of the time, just eating electricity. Why not use it for more tasks?
With powerful hardware, Turris Omnia can handle gigabit traffic and still be able to do much more. You can use it as a home server, NAS, printserver and it even has a virtual server built-in.
router  hardware  opensource  openhardware  internet 
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You Are the Product
John Lanchester reviews 3 books on Facebook and Google, and comes to the conclusion that Facebook does things because it can, without considering whether it should.
facebook  advertising  psychology  Internet  zuckerberg  google 
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The Acceleration of Addictiveness
One of PG's better essays, on how technology is making it easier for companies to optimize for addictiveness and we don't really have a way to fight back on the correct timescale.
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