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India's Inclusive Internet Aadhaar
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48 minutes ago by jayyy
Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire | Ars Technica
I love the comments.

Well, hang on, here. You might be on to something.

"Why, yes Verizon, your corporate headquarters dopay municipal taxes and that does of course include unlimited removal of sewage from your building. However, we've determined that you have exceeded your acceptable limit of sewage removal and we have therefore stopped all outflow from your building. We can, of course, clear the lines but it will cost you ten times your tax rate in order for us to do so, unless you choose to wait until the next tax year before flushing your toilets. Let us know, and be sure to open a window while you consider your options."
vzw  netneutrality  2018  internet 
4 hours ago by PCjabber
Network Dependents · kurtmckee/feedparser · GitHub
Parse feeds in Python
Repositories that depend on feedparser : 7836 & 315 packages
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5 hours ago by Spark
Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests
Towns where Facebook use was higher than average, like Altena, reliably experienced more attacks on refugees.

Wherever per-person Facebook use rose to one standard deviation above the national average, attacks on refugees increased by about 50 percent.

[...] social media scrambles users’ perceptions of outsiders, of reality, even of right and wrong.

That algorithm is built around a core mission: promote content that will maximize user engagement. Posts that tap into negative, primal emotions like anger or fear, studies have found, perform best and so proliferate.
politics  internet  social_media  news  important 
5 hours ago by nathanwentworth
The undertakers of Silicon Valley: how failure became big business • The Guardian
Adrian Daub:
<p>Silicon Valley’s tolerance for failure has long sustained an obsession with youth. If a founder fails, tech discourse interprets it as a sign of young vigor. In a country in which 25-year-old white rapists are “still boys” and black 12-year-olds on the playground “look like adults”, the question of who gets to be a kid and who counts as a grownup is clearly charged with privilege.

In 2017, a chastened Travis Kalanick admitted: “I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up.” Even in a place as chock-a-block with balding skateboarders and middle-aged trick-or-treaters as San Francisco, a 40-year-old CEO of a $15bn company casting himself as an overenthusiastic kid who just needs to get his shit together is a bit much.

Failing in Silicon Valley is often a prerogative of the young – or, in Kalanick’s case, the adolescent-acting. And people don’t talk about how much less sustainable it has become to be young in the Valley. One VC who back in the early aughts grew a tiny startup into an $80m company with more than 250 employees reminisced to me about the early days when “we just lived with our parents in Toronto”. “Our labor force was ourselves and we paid for the servers by credit card,” he continued. Then he reflected a moment. “That’s no longer possible, which I guess is what makes us necessary.”

But the thing about failing is that it seems to carry opposite meanings depending on who does it. If a traditional brick-and-mortar business hemorrhages money as unregulated digital competition moves in, then that’s just a sign that brick-and-mortar deserves to die. By contrast, if a disruptive new economy startup loses money by the billions, it’s a sign of how revolutionary and bold they are.</p>

It's one of those irregular verbs - "my internet startup began too early, your bricks-and-mortar business failed."
internet  failure 
7 hours ago by charlesarthur
GDPR, and how I spent a month chasing my data
Fascinating. We should all be doing this.
internet  spam  eu 
8 hours ago by nwlinks
VPN Service for Serious Privacy & Security
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8 hours ago by mgdf
The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views - The New York Times
Still, the challenges are significant. At one point in 2013, YouTube had as much traffic from bots masquerading as people as it did from real human visitors, according to the company. Some employees feared this would cause the fraud detection system to flip, classifying fake traffic as real and vice versa — a prospect engineers called “the Inversion.”
youtube  bots  fraud  tech  internet  singularity 
10 hours ago by max_read
This could come in handy from time to time.
internet  tech_support  tech_life 
11 hours ago by PogiNate
I’m done with Twitter – A Whole Lotta Nothing
And then all the bad stuff that came with it showed up. I was doxxed, harassed, and threatened at various points.
Over the years I started to get increasingly frustrated with the decisions made by Twitter. Every six months or so something would happen that’d make me stop and ask why I still use the site and I kept thinking of all the new voices I’d read and enjoyed that I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.
17 hours ago by lucaceccarini
The people who update Wikipedia pages when celebrities like Aretha Franklin die
The British hacker-culture newsletter B3ta recently asked its readers a question for the ages: “WHO THE HELL UPDATES CELEB DEATHS ON WIKIPEDIA SO QUICKLY?” After noticing seemingly instantaneous editing this year to the pages for Aretha Franklin, Stephen Hawking, and Anthony Bourdain, I became curious too: What kind of person wants to share this sad news with the world, and did they (perhaps perversely) enjoy it?
wikipedia  internet 
20 hours ago by terry

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