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Paul Ford's website is 20. I have always liked it.
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11 hours ago by infovore
'All wifi networks' are vulnerable to hacking, security expert discovers | Technology | The Guardian
WPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken by Belgian researchers, highlighting potential for internet traffic to be exposed
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11 hours ago by aeng
Kenneth Goldsmith: Is it all just wasted time (on the internet)?
The notion that the Internet is bad for you seems premised on the idea that the Internet is one thing — a monolith. In reality it’s a befuddling mix of the stupid and the sublime, a shattered, contradictory, and fragmented medium. Internet detractors seem to miss this simple fact, which is why so many of their criticisms disintegrate under observation.
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11 hours ago by mikael
Stratechery by Ben Thompson -- Goodbye Gatekeepers
' 2016, before the election, I explained how the collapse of media gatekeepers meant the collapse of political gatekeepers. From The Voters Decide: "There is no one dominant force when it comes to the dispersal of political information, and that includes the parties described in the previous section. Remember, in a Facebook world, information suppliers are modularized and commoditized as most people get their news from their feed. This has two implications: #All news sources are competing on an equal footing; those controlled or bought by a party are not inherently privileged #The likelihood any particular message will “break out” is based not on who is propagating said message but on how many users are receptive to hearing it. The power has shifted from the supply side to the demand side -- This is a big problem for the parties as described in The Party Decides. Remember, in Noel and company’s description party actors care more about their policy preferences than they do voter preferences, but in an aggregated world it is voters aka users who decide which issues get traction and which don’t. And, by extension, the most successful politicians in an aggregated world are not those who serve the party but rather those who tell voters what they most want to hear." -- I can imagine there are many that long for the days when the media — and by extension the parties — could effectively determine presidential nominees. The Weinstein case, though, is a reminder of just how rotten gatekeepers can be. Their very structure is ripe for abuse by those in power, and suppression of those wishing to break through; consumers, meanwhile, are taken for granted. -- For my part, I’m thankful such structures are increasingly untenable: perhaps the New York Times didn’t spike that 2004 story because of pressure from Weinstein, but there’s no doubt that for decades “All the News That’s Fit to Print” was shamefully deficient in reporting about news and groups that weren’t on the radar of New York newspaper editors. And, selfishly, I wouldn’t have the career I do without the absence of gatekeepers: anyone can set up a website and send an email and instantly compete with the New York Times and everyone else for attention and subscription dollars. -- Most importantly, though, the end of gatekeepers is inevitable: the Internet provides abundance, not scarcity, and power flows from discovery, not distribution. We can regret the change or relish it, but we cannot halt it: best to get on with making it work for far more people than gatekeepers ever helped — or harassed.'
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12 hours ago by adamcrowe
Emanuel Karlsten: Internet och evangelisation bygger på samma sak |
Som om det vore ett sammanträffande bygger internet och evangelisation på samma sak. Relationer. Kyrkan har förstått att kampanjer, gatu- och torgevangelisation fungerar dåligt för att nå människor. Att det i stället handlar om att skapa trovärdighet genom våra liv. Att Gud får synas där, i våra relationer. Så i stället för att bara berätta vad församlingen gör och är på hemsidan borde vi visa det. Att publicera ett Youtube-klipp är lika enkelt som att mejla. Att lägga upp en direktsändning av gudstjänsten är lika enkelt som att starta igång ljudmixerbordet. Att blogga är lika enkelt som att skriva ett sms.
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16 hours ago by benjekman Internaut
Internaut is a portmanteau of the words Internet and astronaut and refers to a designer, operator, or technically capable user of the Internet. Beginning with participants in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), it gradually expanded to members of the Internet Society (ISoc) and the larger community.
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16 hours ago by mikael
UbuWeb, the 20-year-old website that collects the forgotten and the unfamiliar.
People say that Facebook and Google have colonized the web and taken it over, but that’s just not true. Those sites haven’t impacted UbuWeb one iota. UbuWeb continues as it always has. I actually think it’s possible still to do something really independent on the web. We’ve just forgotten how to do it.
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17 hours ago by mikael

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