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Can the ‘Smart’ Factory Revive U.S. Manufacturing Productivity? - SupplyChainBrain
In the spring of this year, Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) surveyed more than 600 executives of U.S.-based manufacturing companies about the impact of smart factories on their organizations. Their conclusion: Smart factories promise to be a “game changer” for American industry, resulting in a tripling of productivity improvements over the next decade.
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6 days ago by areadevelopment
The Captured City — Real Life
> Contrary to the suggestions of “smartness” shills, these systems are not used by the general public but on it. This urban war machine (as I call it in my forthcoming book Too Smart) is the true essence of “smart” urbanism. It is the next step in the high-tech militarization of society. Rather than produce the smart city, it yields the captured city.
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27 days ago by tarakc02
Flash Program ESP-01 using USB Serial Adapter – Do it your self Hobby
Flash Program ESP-01 using USB Serial Adapters like ESP8266 Serial Module Board, USB to TTL CH340G, FT232RL FTDI USB and Arduino UNO
esp8266  internet-of-things 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
Wemos D1 Mini Temperature/humidity Monitoring: 3 Steps
Wemos D1 Mini Temperature/humidity Monitoring: I was looking for cheap and easy way to monitor temperature and humidity for my cottage that will run as well on battery or on power socket. I needed to monitor temperature remotely but I wanted as well possibility for local visual temperature che...
esp8266  internet-of-things 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
40W Bluetooth Portable Speaker (Improved Version!): 15 Steps (with Pictures)
40W Bluetooth Portable Speaker (Improved Version!): Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show you how I built this portable speaker! After nearly 2 years of research, designing and testing, I have come up with this design. It puts out 40W of power from it's 2 tweeters, woofers and passives, has the lat...
esp8266  internet-of-things  bluetooth 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
Easy IoT Ambient Light Sensor
In this project I will create IoT ambient light sensor to control a lamp, using NodeMCU and Cayenne. Find this and other hardware projects on
internet-of-things  esp8266 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
ESP8266 based HomeKit accessories
This website is my attempt at documenting some of my projects. I take notes for myself, might as well share them with the world.
homekit  esp8266  internet-of-things 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
garthvh/esp8266button: An IoT Button using an Adafruit Huzzah or SparkFun Thing, push button and IFTTT
An IoT Button using an Adafruit Huzzah or SparkFun Thing, push button and IFTTT - garthvh/esp8266button
internet-of-things  wifi-button 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
How I Hacked Amazon’s $5 WiFi Button to track Baby Data
New parents are constantly learning how to care for their growing and changing baby, but it can be a challenge because your baby can’t talk to you. Recording data helps you find patterns — even…
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6 weeks ago by iyoti

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