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Boston public library's vinyl collection on the internet archive
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october 2017 by aram
Big Hands 1 (2005) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
couldn't stop reading this even though I hated the content

By Aaron 'asshat' Lake Smith
zine  design  punk  internet-archive  digitization 
may 2017 by tjwds
Prisoners Speak #1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
"Of course, anyone of the progressive movement is welcomed to use any of my art they might find interesting and hopefully, useful." Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli (p 40)
prison-reform  zine  internet-archive  sad  READING  best-of 
may 2017 by tjwds
Bomb Factory; Number 3; Anchorage, AK
I've spent so much time today reading random zines, like this punk/skate zine out of Alaska in 1985:
internet-archive  punk  cool  design  digitization  alaska  skate  snowboard  art  zine 
may 2017 by tjwds

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