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The Joy Reid fight reinforces how critical the Internet Archive is to modern politics - The Washington Post
What the Wayback Machine provides, in essence, is a third-party archiving service that largely escapes the influence of the content creators. If you publish a blog on a blogging platform (or a tweet on Twitter, etc.), you still have the power to go in and remove or alter what you’ve written. The Wayback Machine makes it much more difficult to cover your tracks, should you wish to. As more people who grew up creating content for the Web enter positions of authority in media and politics, that archive becomes more important.

If the Wayback Machine hadn’t indexed Reid’s site, her words might have been lost. Or if someone had stumbled onto her old blog post, her expert’s argument that the post was fraudulent in some way might carry more weight. But with that index timestamped more than a decade ago, the argument is substantially undercut.

Reid’s blog, though, is not currently available on the Wayback Machine. Her old blog updated the file on its server telling automated systems what can and can’t be indexed, a set of instructions that the Wayback Machine’s system respects as it gathers information from around the Web. By changing that file, Reid’s team essentially pulled a curtain down on her past writing.
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april 2018 by jm
Boston public library's vinyl collection on the internet archive
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october 2017 by aram
Big Hands 1 (2005) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
couldn't stop reading this even though I hated the content

By Aaron 'asshat' Lake Smith
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may 2017 by tjwds
Prisoners Speak #1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
"Of course, anyone of the progressive movement is welcomed to use any of my art they might find interesting and hopefully, useful." Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli (p 40)
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may 2017 by tjwds
Bomb Factory; Number 3; Anchorage, AK
I've spent so much time today reading random zines, like this punk/skate zine out of Alaska in 1985:
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may 2017 by tjwds

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