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Long read: how EU membership undermines the left | LSE BREXIT
It is leaving the EU that challenges and disrupts the British state in its contemporary form. Remaining in the EU means not challenging or disrupting the smooth operation of the actually existing political form of capitalist rule in Britain today. The EU is not a foreign superstate that rules over Britain. The EU is a political form through which the British government collaborates with other European governments in order to govern Britain. The other EU member states do the same for their own populations and territories. They collaborate with each other by constitutionalising various restrictions on economic policy, and by making law in intergovernmental forums.

This intergovernmental process means that European governments are more accountable to each other than they are to their domestic legislatures. The capitalist nation states of Europe have been transformed by EU membership into capitalist member states. Brexit represents a serious blow to this form of remote and unaccountable government, the one by which we are actually ruled. This blow is experienced as such by the British state’s political, bureaucratic and academic cadres who have as a result been relentlessly negative about the vote to Leave, and the prospect of implementing it. And it is why the support of so much of the left for Remain is profoundly conservative.
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A guide to opening an international bank account
This is research for the article that KMG wants me to write due to her Trump fears.
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Privacy International | Data Protection Guide
The Keys to Data Protection: A guide for policy engagement on data protection
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2 days ago by corrickwales
This is 18
Jessica Bennett and Anya Strzemien, editors at the New York Times, commissioned young women photographers from around the world to photograph and interview 18-year-old girls in their communities. The result is very visually creative and compelling photo essay that looks "at girls’ lives, through girls’ eyes.​​"
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4 days ago by jbuzz
Apple’s Tim Cook is sending a privacy bat-signal to US lawmakers – TechCrunch
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has today been announced as the keynote speaker at a European data protection conference taking place in Brussels later this month — at a time when US lawmakers are asking tech giants outright if they’ll support “EU-like” privacy rules to shield US consumers f
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Untitled (
Hear from Lauder students on their experiences in the joint-degree MA program in Studies:
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