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The Cantrill Strikes Back | BSD Now 117 | Jupiter Broadcasting
We wanted to give you a special present early! Back by popular demand, Brian Cantrill is here to give us his latest rants, specifically on Linux Interfaces!
bsd  linux  internals 
yesterday by Kjaleshire
Understanding Git — Data Model – Hacker Noon
Since its birth in 2005 git has become massively popular especially in the open source world but many of us use it on our job posts also. It is a great VCS tool and has many advantages, but being…
git  internals  2018  article 
yesterday by vonc
What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs to Know About Encodings and Character Sets to Work With Text
If you are dealing with text in a computer, you need to know about encodings. Period. Yes, even if you are just sending emails. Even if you are just receiving emails. You don't need to understand every last detail, but you must at least know what this whole "encoding" thing is about. And the good news first: while the topic can get messy and confusing, the basic idea is really, really simple.
internals  encoding  strings  programming 
2 days ago by kort
Understanding Rust Lifetimes – NEAR Protocol – Medium
"in case of Rust it is more safety and better optimizations — you feel encouraged to master it but fail because it is not exactly intuitive and the formal rules are hard to find."
rust  programming  internals 
13 days ago by joecamel

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