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Why Mazda is purging touchscreens from its vehicles
It started out by looking at actual times—the times spent looking away from the road to make a screen selection, and the time needed to refocus the eyes on something close versus the road ahead—and decided that it needed to home in on factors that reduced that time.
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yesterday by gkaindl
Adversarial interfaces
Adversarial interfaces is a critical response to the politics of a certain type of direct and personal address in user interfaces. As the amount of personal access points to the Internet multiply, so have websites opportunities to leverage visits in unexpected and questionable ways. However, the observation and analysis of the rhetorics of the interfaces of these websites can offer insight into the secondary agendas they may have. This project and this website propose case studies, theoretical scaffolds and collections of critical makings that together aim to practically and discursively enable a review of the infrastructures that surround our day to day digital activities. Adversarial interfaces draws upon re-purposed notions of design and political theories to outline way in which oppositions and alternatives to ethically questionable practices can exist.
Adversarial  interfaces  design  UI  UX  ethics  tech  OSP  Colm  2019 
6 weeks ago by zzkt
(93) Design Is [Audible] - Designing sound for human experiences - YouTube
Design Is […] is a monthly speaker series on the future of design and creativity. Each public talk is centered on a theme, and the series highlights a broad range of perspectives on everything from human-centered design to VR and ethics. Learn more at →

Sound design is an area of increasing importance for user experience. Good sound design will enhance the sensory depth of the product experience, complementing the visual interface and its emotional tone, as well as bringing entertainment experiences to life. During this session, we'll hear from sound designers based in the SF Bay Area about their work and the challenges of designing for UX and entertainment products. This session will be hosted by Google’s Conor O’Sullivan.
sound_design  sound  interfaces 
6 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Varlink is an interface description format and protocol that aims to make services accessible to both humans and machines in the simplest feasible way.
tool  linux  network  protocol  interfaces  sockets 
6 weeks ago by bkittelmann
Tangle: a JavaScript library for reactive documents
Short code library, guidance and excerpts for inserting elements of text that can be manipulated into HTML documents using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
code  interfaces  visualisation  javascript  data 
7 weeks ago by grthwll
c# - Explicitly map interface member in Entity Framework 7 - Stack Overflow
How to build EF relationships when the navigation property has an interface type instead of a class type. See MassTimes.Church in your NextMass app for an example of how to implement. The DbContext for that one has the right rule to apply.
entity-framework  interfaces 
7 weeks ago by kenwrites

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