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The cargo cult of versioning
Rich Hickey pointed out last year that the convention of bumping the major version of a library to indicate incompatibility conveys no more actionable information than just changing the name of the library.
Since we always want to provide the latest version by default, the distinction between minor versions and patch levels is moot. Just combine the 2-tuple into a single number. "LeftPad 17.5.0" would now become something like "LeftPad-17 37".

At this point you could even get rid of the version altogether and just use the commit hash on the rare occasions when we need a version identifier. We're all on the internet, and we're all constantly running npm install or equivalent. Just say "Leftpad-17", it's cleaner.
In particular, Semantic Versioning is misguided, an attempt to fix something that is broken beyond repair.
Either way, we programmers should be manually messing with version numbers a whole lot less.
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4 days ago by Stolzenhain
Dictionary of Occupational Titles - Wikipedia
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles or D-O-T (DOT) refers to a publication produced by the United States Department of Labor which helped employers, government officials, and workforce development professionals to define over 13,000 different types of work, from 1938 to the late 1990s. The DOT was created by job analysts who visited thousands of US worksites to observe and record the various types of work, and what was involved. Innovative at the time, the DOT included information still used today in settling EEO and Workers Comp claims, like the physical abilities required to perform that occupation, and the time and repetitiveness of those physical actions (i.e. standing, sitting, lifting 20 pounds or more, seeing at a distance, near vision, hearing quiet sounds, ignoring loud sounds).
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26 days ago by Stolzenhain
You Have to Deliver – GODS & RADICALS
You have to prove that when you act on your ideas, your community’s life gets better. You have credibility only to the extent that when you organize a project, it gives people more power and a better conditions in a concrete, tangible, material way.
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6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain

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