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Bones And Grooves: The Weird Secret History Of Soviet X-Ray Music : NPR
they do vary in quality, hugely. Some were virtually unlistenable. But that didn't seem to matter, in some ways. I mean, talking to people who bought these records when they were young — even the tiniest thread of melody, of this forbidden sound, was so exciting. And it led to a different world, really, a world of freedom, [even though the music was] not obviously anti-Soviet. You would think, "Why would that mambo be regarded as something worth forbidding?"
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13 days ago by Stolzenhain
On the past, present, and future of COBOL – Increment: Programming Languages
The language ostensibly self-documents, because it’s so verbose and requires so many explicit declarations about what it’s doing. That’s an optimistic statement about any language. But its design was tailored to meet business needs.

the approach wasn’t to reevaluate how the operations were performed, but to transform them into code.

Twenty-seven years ago, Micro Focus’s Livesey said, he was working at a bank after graduation, and was told by the IT manager about the system in place: “Don’t worry! This is all going away.” Today, Livesey said, “That bank is still running that mainframe with a team of COBOL programmers.”
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Genesis StoryTime History: Resurfacing A Missing Cable Channel
The number of subscribers that had access to the cable network Genesis StoryTime at its peak. The silent TV station aired computer generated versions of children’s books in the 1980s.

Genesis StoryTime used a version of teletext to distribute children’s books.

“The channel was always intended to be silent,” Stetski says from his home in Manitoba, Canada. “We wanted to use television to bring parents and kids together.”
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6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Bitcoin Mining statt In-App-Käufe: Eine Option für die Zukunft? ›
Die über den Mac-App Store vertriebene Kalender-Applikation Calendar 2 hat eine interessante Diskussion losgetreten: Ist die transparente Integration einer Crypto-Mining-Komponente in Desktop-Anwendungen ein mögliches Geschäftsmodell für Software-Entwickler? via Pocket
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