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Twitter / helpmeinvestig8: On #distribution: "Enable users ...
On #distribution: "Enable users to share a key fact to boost reach" suggests @bellahurrell #bbcdataday
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july 2013 by paulbradshaw
Sky News launches new site design with 'visual content' focus | Media news |
The new website sees the closure of the community profile pages and user blogs, which saw comments left across the site clustered in one place. Resources instead were dedicated to bringing "comments into the heart of the site", Jelley added.

"What we had on the old site was a little-visited and used selection of user profiles for some of those people who are leaving posts. We decided it was not a popular part of the site and that users would prefer if we developed our main commenting tools to allow Facebook integration so you can login via Facebook as well as using Sky ID to leave a comment.

"It's about bringing comments into the heart of the site so that it makes more sense for people looking at the stories that they can see all the comments there."
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may 2013 by paulbradshaw
Double coverage: How The Boston Globe used its dual sites to cover the marathon bombing » Nieman Journalism Lab
The team at the Globe’s R&D department, Globe Lab, worked with the newsroom to develop new visualizations for reader-submitted content. Chris Marstall, who heads the Globe Lab, said over email his team worked with data visualization staff in the newsroom to created a simple interactive map that asked people to share their story that could be plotted on a map to give a collective experience of the bombing. In another news app, the Globe used its SNAP tool to show 24 hours of Instagram photos from people near the scene of the bombing. Dan McLaughlin, a creative technologist with the lab, worked with Steve Silva to create synchronized annotations of Silva’s now-famous raw footage of the bombing and aftermath.

The home for Boston Globe reporting has the benefit of history. Hanafin was on staff for breaking news coverage on stories like the Sept. 11 attacks and the plane crash of John F. Kennedy Jr. From that perspective, is a toddler standing in the shadow of its teenage sister.
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may 2013 by paulbradshaw
Atavist - Where Stories Begin | How It Works
When you are thinking digital- and mobile-first publishing, Creatavist is the platform for realizing your vision. We are writers, editors, filmmakers, and digital creatives like you, and we’ve built this software to expand the limits of storytelling. Creatavist lets you assemble your work around any media you choose—text, audio, video, animation, interactive elements, and more. Whether you are creating a single multimedia story, full-length ebooks, promotional materials, a mobile-ready magazine issue, or any other flavor of digital publishing, you can jump in and start building your work simply and immediately.
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may 2013 by paulbradshaw
Tom Bissell reviews L. A. Noire, the latest hit game from Rockstar Games - Grantland
"When I returned to L.A. Noire, I made the decision to stop thinking of it as a video game. Very quickly, something happened. In my notes I jotted down "L.A. Noire: the gay teenager of video games — i.e., 'It gets better,'" but this was a flippant way to process a real attitudinal readjustment on my part. When I stopped thinking about him as someone with whom I was supposed to feel any kinship, Cole Phelps became a deeply compelling character. You begin the game strongly assuming that Phelps has a Dark Secret, and he does. But that is not the most interesting thing about him. The most interesting thing about Cole Phelps is that he is an asshole who might also be insane...
Interactivity sabotages storytelling. There is no longer any use arguing to the contrary. Thus, the story of L.A. Noire can never be good — at least, not in the way it is trying to be. As a story, then, L.A. Noire is not successful. As a game, too, L.A. Noire fails. In a lot of ways, it is a terrible game: frustratingly arbitrary, puzzlingly noncommunicative, and not very fun. But I love L.A. Noire. I think it's fantastic. What this suggests is that we need a new name for whatever it is that L.A. Noire does.
Or do we?"
games  storytelling  videogames  tombissell  lanoire  interactivity  fiction 
may 2013 by arosner
Mark Sample, "Textual Media," Undergraduate, George Mason University
This class questions definitions of text and media in the digital age. It teaches students how to interact with and learn from digital texts and other textual media.
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april 2013 by sstutsman
Yale Interactive Design: Calendar
[Among the best one-page talking points for interactive design is this syllabus by Laurel Schwulst]

Course description
This course focuses on interaction design with projects that are based online. Questions asked during the course include:

—Is it specific?
—Is it memorable?
—Does it communicate the idea through its form?
This course has a formal emphasis, using what knowledge students have about composition, typography, and hierarchy as a basis.

—What is the prompt?
—What is the corresponding feedback?
—Do the prompt and feedback make sense together?
We will look at an interaction as a prompt and feedback, an input and output, a call and response. We will examine their relation but also not limit an interaction to a closed, hermetic environment, but view the web as a very social ecosystem in which time and performance play an important role.

—Where is the navigation?
—Is this worth a click?
—Is this worth scrolling?
—What are the different conditions in which this can exist?
—How does this change in each of those conditions?
—What happens to this when it expands?
We will examine web-specific design problems, focusing on navigating a website and the pacing throughout. Design should be conditional online, changing in response to its users and environment, so we will create accommodating, flexible systems.
april 2013 by andypressman
Jim Brown, "Writing and Coding: Composition, Computation, and New Media Studies," Undergraduate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This courses teaches undergraduates what it means to write with different modes of expression, namely games and algorithm. They learn to author interactive fictions as well as explore the rhetoric of video games.
sstutsmansyllabi  NewMedia  DigitalHumanities  EnglishDept  2012  composition  computerscience  literacy  gaming  Interactivity  IanBogost  DanielHills  Matsumoto  CathyDavidson 
april 2013 by sstutsman

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