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H5P  InteractiveVideo 
january 2017 by eoto
Under Our Skin | The Seattle Times
What does 'white privilege' mean to you? We asked 18 people to discuss terms about race
video_story  seattletimes  interactive  interactivevideo 
july 2016 by reginajmc
States Of Matter | Tate
Interactive video thing about the new Tate extension.
interactivevideo  video  av  art  casestudy  nfts 
june 2016 by mildlydiverting
An deiner Seite
Interactive music video - flip between two views using the space bar, collect evidence around a crime.
video  av  interactivevideo  game  case  casestudy  nfts 
june 2016 by mildlydiverting
Interactive video platform/tool
video  interactivevideo  tool  av 
june 2016 by mildlydiverting
Visit Humboldt
Tourism site - interactive video that lets you build an itinerary
map  ux  navigation  personalised  interactivevideo  nfts 
april 2016 by mildlydiverting
360° cockpit view | Russian Jet Fighter - 25 min flight - YouTube
360° cockpit view | Russian Jet Fighter - 25 min flight Use the controls to look around
interactivevideo  from twitter
october 2015 by kexrex

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