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Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use - YouTube
Examples of how White Boards can be optimized in a Kindergarten classroom.
march 2012 by professorsandi
SMARTboard training - Lesson Activity Toolkit - YouTube
This video is a detailed glance at the Lesson Activity Toolkit feature of SMART Notebook Software. The video shows you how to download and update your toolkit, and what items are available to use in lesson planning
march 2012 by professorsandi
SMART Boards Why are they so easy to use? - YouTube
Watch teachers and students demonstrate what makes the SMART Board so easy to use, and hear what teachers have to say about how SMART products are engaging students and improving learning outcomes in the classroom.
march 2012 by professorsandi
The Wii as $99 SmartBoard
Using the Ninendo Wii (and Wii-mote) as a Interactive Whiteboard
wii  smartboard  interactive_whiteboard 
september 2011 by timkeller

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